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Drama I

Drama I - First period - Stage 2, Performing Arts Center

K. Dorgan, Instructor    596-7270   kdorgan@osd.wednet.edu


Course Syllabus

Course Description:

Drama I is a study of performance styles and theatre history for the beginning actor. Emphasis will be given to basic acting styles and performance techniques as well as staging, costuming, make-up, choreography and technical aspects of theatre production. Students will function as audience members for one another, offering constructive assessment and criticism based on knowledge and appreciation of actor’s work.


Students are expected to participate fully in all classroom activities. Performance-based activities including warm-up, focusing, memorizing monologues and short scenes and improvisation will be regularly assigned.

Each student must complete a Performance Review of a fine arts exhibit or performance three times per semester. Performance Review sheets are provided by the instructor and posted on the web page. This is done independently, outside of class, once per six-week grading period. There are many low cost and free options for viewing fine arts exhibits and performances; check with instructor prior to due date if student will have difficulty completing a fine arts review.

Class Rules:

Students are expected to be on time and prepared for class. We will adhere to all attendance and behavior policies outlined in the Olympia High School Handbook. The following rules, specific to this class, will also apply:

1.    Respect yourself and others; be kind & polite to everyone.

2.    Respect the stage and theatre equipment. No food or beverages except water allowed in class.

3.    Cell phones and electronic devices MUST remain in backpacks or pockets at all times during class. Use of phones/electronic devices will result in ISD.

4.    Come prepared to physically and mentally participate in class.

Late and Make-up Work:

All assignments are posted on the class web page, accessible from the OHS home page through the Departments tab à English Department à Dorganà Drama I. A section titled “What We did In Class Today” will update absent students on what’s going on in the classroom. Upon returning from an excused absence, students must check with the instructor concerning missing assignments or lecture notes.  If a student has an absence of more than two days and is part of a scene being performed, the student may be replaced in the scene and will be asked to substitute a memorized monologue of proportionate length upon return to class. No make-up work is accepted for unexcused absences. All work not turned in on the day it is due will be considered late. Students will lose ten percent of points earned for each day past the due date.


All performances and written assignments will be assigned point values. Students will receive copies of assessment criteria at the time the assignment is given. Progress reports and semester grades will be based on percentage of total points earned. 

Fine Arts Evaluations

Students will complete a Fine Arts Evaluation on a form provided by the teacher once every six weeks.  Students will attend or view one of a variety of fine arts exhibits or performances and then evaluate the event according to elements of art and theatre.  Fine Arts evaluations are due for each six week grading period and may be turned in at any time but must be turned in by the last day of the grading period.


OHS Drama Club

Olympia High School Drama club offers lots of extracurricular opportunties for students in theatre classes -- check out our Drama club website by clicking on the link below!

OHS Drama Club