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COURSE OBJECTIVE: This course focuses on developing skills in reading, writing, vocabulary, speaking, research, and rhetoric.

CURRICULUM:  -- World Literature is emphasized this year.

 · Novels: The House on Mango Street, Lord of the Flies, 1984, and The Power of One

              · Short Stories and poetry
              · Plays: Oedipus, Antigone, Julius Caesar

We will strive to understand and accurately utilize the following:
              · Style elements  (i.e. diction, syntax, details, imagery, tone, schemes, and literary elements)
              · Literary analysis and rhetoric (e.g., structure, argument, and author’s style)
              · Rules of grammar and punctuation:  Daily Grammar Practice by Dawn Burnette
              · Extended vocabulary culled from Word Power by Norman Lewis

Presentations include:
              · Speech and debate (including various discussion methods)
              · Formal and informal project presentations

**This year, I am piloting two different curricula, Springboard and My Perspectives, during the first twelve weeks of first semester. I will be sending information home with students and will address this change at Open House.**


93-100% A   (no A+ at OHS)      77-79.9% C+

90-92.9% A-                             73-76.9% C

87-89.9% B+                            70-72.9% C-

83-86.9% B                              67-69.9% D+

80-82.9% B-                             60-66.9% D   (no D- at OHS)


The final grade is based on total points earned and weighted as follows:  writing, 30%; tests, 25%; homework, 20%; participation, 20% (“participation” refers to specific in-class activities); and 5% for the semester final. HOMEWORK MUST BE COMPLETE AND ON-TIME IN ORDER TO RECEIVE FULL CREDIT.




All homework and due dates can be found on my teacher webpage.






Attendance/Makeup Work:  School attendance policies will be followed (refer to your Student Handbook).  Students who are absent have the number of school days missed plus one additional day to turn in make up work and reschedule tests.  Work missed for unexcused reasons will not be accepted.  All missed tests must be made up within one week of the day they are given (exception: extended illness).


Late Work:  Late work is accepted for 50% during the six-week grading period during which it was due. Please let me know of any situations that might affect your ability to turn in an assignment on time. If you let me know ahead of time, we can discuss an alternate due date.


Rules and Expectations:  Work hard and be nice to people. These are simple, common sense rules that boil down to respect for self, others, and property.  OHS Discipline and Cheating/Plagiarism policies will be strictly enforced (see handbook).



Need assistance?


Please feel free to make an appointment with me if you need anything!  I am available before school, at lunch, and after school by appointment.  Feel free to speak to me directly so that I may best serve your academic needs.


Welcome, and here’s to a great year!


Kristin Costello (kcostello@osd.wednet.edu)



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