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“Leadership begins with the will, which is our unique ability as human beings to align our intentions with our actions and choose our behavior.  With the proper will, we can choose to love, the verb, which is about identifying and meeting the legitimate needs, not wants, of those we lead.  When we meet the needs of others we will, by definition, be called upon to serve and even sacrifice.  When we serve and sacrifice for others, we build authority or influence.  When we build authority with people, then we have earned the right to be called a leader.”  --from The Servant by James C. Hunter


Course Description

The purpose of this class is to facilitate the acquisition and practice of appropriate leadership skills. The class is primarily experience-based and emphasizes the importance of communication, character, personal growth, and building strong relationships and teams while improving the school culture and environment. 


Required Materials 

Students will be required to maintain a three-ring (binder) notebook.


Grading Procedures

Students earn points for completing projects and assignments. They are also expected to attend events and work outside of the school day to support our mission and promote positive change.


Additional Information

Participation as an ASB Leadership member often requires a time commitment that falls outside the regular class period. This includes but is not limited to before school, lunch and after school.

Class members will also have many opportunities to reach out to the surrounding community, which allows them off-campus privileges. These excursions are to be pre-approved by the teacher and administration and require that all students involved have a signed parent/guardian permission form on-file with the attendance office. It is not a requirement that students leave campus; if parents and/or the teacher deem that any student ought not travel off-campus, then that student will simply work on activities on-campus.


Office Hours

If you would like to meet with me outside of class, please talk with me or email me so we can set up an appointment.

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please include the best way to contact you so we can have open communication, furthering the success of your student.  Feel free to contact me at any time to discuss your student.   Email is the best way to reach me: kcostello@osd.wednet.edu.  My voice mail number is 596-7222.

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