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MLK Research Project


Research him as a leader, and find information to help you answer the following on a Google doc IN YOUR CLASSROOM FOLDER. Based on the information you collect, make a 2-4 slide Google presentation. Presentations will be in class on Friday.


For the following, research and write a short-answer/essay response. Cite your source parenthetically, according to MLA style.


  1. Who and what were MLK’s influences? What people and experiences shaped him?
  2. What makes him one of history’s iconic leaders? Be specific. What did he do and say that solidified his place in history? 
  3. Find a quote that resonates with you. Record it and state why you chose it. Be specific and make connections to your own life/leadership goals. 


For the presentation, create one Google slide for your quote and explanation IN YOUR CLASSROOM FOLDER. You will present to the class on Friday.


WEEK 9.26-9.30

  • MONDAY: HoCo update, Slideshow 
  • TUESDAY: HoCo jobs, Slideshow (Rachel)
  • WEDNESDAY: Pre-test
  • THURSDAY: Slideshow 
  • FRIDAY: HoCo with Mrs. Thompson

WEEK 9.19-9.23

  • MONDAY: BEAR ZONE debrief
  • TUESDAY: HC jobs, Slideshow info
  • WEDNESDAY: Servant Leadership, WMS Partnership intro
  • FRIDAY: Slideshow Presentation, HC

WEEK 9.12-9.16

  • MONDAY: BEAR ZONE jobs, parent permission form due Tuesday for off-campus travel.
  • TUESDAY: Site visits for BEAR ZONE
  • WEDNESDAY: Assembly, HC, BEAR ZONE, slideshow
  • THURSDAY: Slideshow, BEA ZONE signs, BEAR ZONE prep
  • FRIDAY: Assembly debrief, BEAR ZONE prep