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 For 4/24--4/28

We will be finishing Great Expectations by 4/28----students have reading schedule.  Test on 5/1.


Mr. Chamberlain's  9th Honors English

For 3/27--3/31

We are reading Great Expectations for the next several weeks.  Students have a reading schedule and should come prepared each day, ready for writing prompt and quizzes based on the daily assignments. Contact me if you have questions.  This is a challenging read for some; our discussions and response items are not effective without careful attention to the assigned reading each day.

For 3/20---3/24

3/20--test--The Odyssey

3/21--Check out Great Expectations--read ch. 1 in class

3/22--Grammar review--read ch. 3-5 for 3/23

3/23--discussion--possible quiz--read ch 6-8 for 3/24

3/24--grammar review/usage--ch. 9-11 for Monday in G. Expectations

For 3/13--3/17

3/13--finish reading Odyssey selections--discussion

3/14--vocab from Odyssey readings--definitions in text--

2/15--choir students absent--study session for vocab--grammar drill

3/16--quiz vocab---final discussion for Odyssey--test on 3/17


For 3/6--3/10

3/6--3/10  Readings in The Odyssey (students missing class inquire about make-up reading)  discussion daily--quiz 3/10  Viewing O Brother Where Art Thou Monday and Tuesday

For 2/27--3/2

2/27--Intro--The Odyssey-- Sailing from Troy and The Lotus Eaters--discussion

2/28--The Cyclops--discussion

3/1--quiz--Cyclops--grade in class and discuss

3/2--Read The Land of the Dead--review similarities between Odyssey and O Brother Where Art Thou?

3/3--View O Brother Where Art Thou

For 2/22--2/24

2/22--vocab test--Of Mice and Men--grade in class

2/23--review of comma/semi-colon usage--worksheet--introduce The Odyssey (textbook short version)

2/24--reading and discussion in class---The Odyssey


For 2/13--2/17

2/13--Review vocab in context for Of Mice and Men

2/14--video--Of Mice and Men (1992 version)

2/15--  "                "

2/16--Final discussion for OMAM--including video--study vocab for test 

2/17--Test---Of Mice and Men---with vocab


For 2/6--2/10

No school--snow days 2/6 and 2/7

2/8--Discussion of archetype/allusion related to Of Mice and Men

2/9--Written response from 2/8/ presentation---discussion of novel to chapter 4

2/10--discussion of Naturalism related to Of Mice and Men--review webpage (prezi)


For 1/30--2/3

Monday--comma workshop---paragraph for correction

Tuesday--Check out Of Mice and Men---ch. 1 for Wed.

Wednesday--quiz  ch. 1  Mice and Men

Thursday--youtube video on Steinbeck--quiz  ch. 2

Friday--creative assignment--characters in Mice and Men--limerick 



For 1/23--1/27

Monday--Vocab quiz--Animal Farm

Tuesday--final discussion Animal Farm--youtube video re: Stalin




For 1/17--1/20

Tuesday--Look up designated vocab from Animal Farm--find definitions in context

Wednesday--Review vocab words---begin viewing 1954 version of Animal Farm

Thursday--Finish viewing movie version--discuss variations from the novel

Friday--review the novel with references to Russian history/applicable leaders---vocab quiz Monday--test over novel Tuesday (1/24)


For 1/9--1/13

Monday--Upload papers to Turnitin.Com----daily grammar item--review of week---complete novel Animal Farm by 1/13

Tuesday-- review expectations for Poetry Out Loud presentations (video)--daily grammar item---practice poetry presentations

Wednesday--Poetry Out Loud presentations

Thursday---Poetry Out Loud presentations 

Friday--reading quiz--Animal Farm---video re: Russian revolution--discussion



For 1/3--1/6

Tuesday--Work on paper for Romeo and Juliet (paper due date extended to Jan. 9

Wednesday--  Select poem from "Poetry Out Loud" website for memorization--begin working on poem in pairs---presentations begin Jan. 10

Thursday--Distribute Animal Farm---read chapter 1 for Friday

Friday--Discussion for chapter one of Animal Farm---work on poem presentation and/or paper due Monday (1/9)


For 12/12--12/16

Monday-- Students read essays by Parks and King (lit book)--answer assigned questions (Chamberlain gone today)

Tuesday--grade Romeo and Juliet test in class---begin discussion of paper assignment for R and J

Wednesday---discuss  paper assignment--topic possibilities--basic structure of paper--explore topics for expository writing on computers

Thursday--work on papers in class with computers---paper due Jan. 6

Friday--movie in class--Gnomeo and Juliet---Happy Holidays! (But remember to finish outside reading---report due Jan. 4)

For 12/5--12/9

Monday---review Zeffirelli movie (Romeo and Juliet)  

Tuesday--finish video---discuss objective test for Thursday

Wed.--students use "No Fear Shakespeare" to review for test on Thursday

Thursday---Test--Romeo and Juliet

Friday--Begin discussion of paper assignment for R and J---students work on thesis statements


For 11/28--12/2

We will continue reading "Romeo and Juliet" in class throughout the week.  Email gchamberlain@osd.wednet.edu for specific information regarding related assignments.


For 11/21--11/22 (Happy Thanksgiving)

Monday--  students read/annotate scenes 4 and 5 of Act 2 in Romeo and Juliet---notes may be used on possible quiz Tuesday (use "No Fear Shakespeare)

Tuesday--possible quiz over Act 2, Sc, 4-5----watch video to "catch up" with the reading


For week of 11/14--11/18

We are reading Romeo and Juliet in class this week. If needed, please e-mail me at gchamberlain@osd.wednet.edu for more specific info regarding where we are in the reading.  We will also be viewing the 1968 Zefferelli film version (DVD) along the way.  On 11/16 students in the honors classes will select an outside reading book with instructions and due date for a required written report.


For week of 11/7/--11/10

Monday--Read final essay (Arthur Ashe)--answer "critical thinking" questions for discussion--quiz Tuesday over all essays and 10 vocab words from readings

Tuesday--Quiz over essay readings and vocab---

Wednesday--introduce "Romeo and juliet"--begin reading in class--assigned parts

Thursday--continue reading "Romeo and Juliet"  


For week of 10/31--11/4

Monday--Review narrative compositions on Turnitin.com---make revisions

Tuesday--Intro to essays/personal accounts (informational text)  read intro and essay for "The Washwoman" --Answer "Guide for Responding" questions

Wednesday--Read "On Summer"--Hansberry--answer critical thinking questions--discussion

Thursday-- Read "A White House Diary"---complete critical thinking questions--discussion

Friday--Read Arthur Ashe--"Remembered"--view video--write paragraph for "apply" in critical thinking


For week of 10/24--10/28

Monday--Continue working on poem/lyric presentations using assignment sheet and rubric

Tuesday--Complete poem/lyric presentations

Wednesday through Friday: student presentations


For week of 10/17--10/21

Monday---continue poetry terms with powerpoint--students take careful notes

Tuesday---complete poetry terms/devices with examples and discussion--quiz Wednesday

Wednesday---quiz over poetry terms/devices

Thursday---Assign poem/song lyrics oral presentation

Friday--develop presentations (computers available in class) Presentations begin 10/24



For week of 10/10--10/14

Monday and Tuesday:  Work on narrative paper in class

Wednesday: Begin poetry unit (terms and definitions)

Thursday: narrative paper due--continue poetry terms with examples

Friday:  no school


For week of 10/3--10/7

Monday: Finish reading Asimov and Thurber in class

Tuesday: Review of literary terms related to the short stories (test over short story unit on Thursday)

Wed: Continue review of literary terms and stories for test on Thursday

Thursday: Test--short story unit

Friday: Begin narrative writing assignment in class (examples with discussion)


For week of 9/26-30:  

Monday-- Finish reading "The Necklace" and answer questions for "critical thinking"

Tuesday--Read Amy Tan's "Rules of the Game"--class discussion

Wednesday--Review 20 selected vocabulary words from our recent readings (quiz Friday)--review the words in class--begin reading Asimov's "The Machine that Won the War"

Thursday: Finish reading and discussion of Asimov--review vocab from Wed.--vocab quiz Friday

Friday: Vocab quiz--Read "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" with remaining time.


 Class Syllabus