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Thematic Statements

 Address the following in thematic statements:

*1.  The Name and Author of the work

*2. The basic Theme and / or Central Message of the work as a  whole

3.  Brief background on the story as a whole

4.   *One instance of direct textual evidence to support the designated theme

      * More if it is important to show a change over time

5.  Final statement and / or clarification on the overall theme

 *1 and 2 can be reversed in order


Example of an acceptable statement: The White Heron

Sarah Orne Jewett’s short story A White Heron is a prime example of a character’s ethics transcending all other aspects of their life - including their financial needs and personal desires. In this story, the nine-year-old Sylvia finds herself having to make a monumental decision: excepting a substantial amount of money from a young man that she has a crush on or, or protecting the life of a rare and fragile white heron. As the story concludes Sylvia choses the latter, and the reader is told, “Sylvia does not speak after all, though the old grandmother fretfully rebukes her, and the young man’s kind appealing eyes are looking straight in her own. He can make them rich with money; he has promised it, and they are poor now. He is so well worth making happy, and he waits to hear the story she can tell.” In the end, the theme is identified as such: Be it attractive or tempting, the loss of innocence and one’s morality should not have a price.