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  • Instructional Highlights and Homework 

Wednesday 09/09: OCS Discussion 

  • Homework: Similarities and Differences Chart on the Oneida Creation Story

Thursday 9/10: OCS Discussion

  • No Homework 

Friday 09/11

  • Please sign and return Course Handout / Syllabus sheets
  • Analysis of the image on page 16 The Most Dangerous Game

Monday 09/14

  • Discussion of observation of images on page 16
  • Predicting elements of the short story
  • Read The Most Dangerous Game in class or online / in the primary text as homework 
  • Locate, document, and find the definitions of unfamiliar words
  • Address select questions from the Critical Reading Portion of the text (page 32) in notes format:  

1. Is Zaroff "civilized"? Why or why not? (Analyze)

3. How does Rainsford's attitude toward hunting compare to Zaroff's? (Compare and Contrast)

4. How does the experience change Rainsford? Explain (Analyze)

5. Do you think that Rainsford will continue to hunt? Why or why not? (Hypothesize)

  • Select and document a quote that you believe is important in advancing the theme, plot, or characterization within the story
  • Provide a brief analysis (3-5 sentences) as to why it is important as such
  • Please select and note the location of areas in the text wherein the author appeals to the reader's five senses
  • Pick one example for: Sight / Sound / Hearing / Touch / Smell / and Taste (if you can find one)

(All Work Graded as Formative / Homework) 

 Tuesday 09/15

  • TMDG Quiz (Formative)
  • Score and Discuss Quiz 
  • Score and discuss homework (Formative) 
  • Discussion on the Elements of  a Short Story - Narrative
  • Discussion and Lecture on Figurative Language with emphasis on the author's use of sensory details
  • Select quote identification and writing exercise 

 Wednesday 09/16

  • Period 1 concluded lecture on literary terms pertaining to the study of short fiction / also practiced writing a thematic statement 
  • Period 2 lecture concluded at Theme. We just touched upon the necessary elements of inclusion for the writing of a thematic statement. Need to finish lecture from Theme - on. 
  • Read  A White Heron as homework for Friday (distribute pdf hard copies as requested) 
  • Continue Discussion on the Elements of  a Short Story - Narrative
  • Continue Discussion and Lecture on Figurative Language with emphasis on the author's use of sensory details
  • Continue Select quote identification and writing exercise from The Most Dangerous Game 

 Thursday 09/17

  • Department based writing assessment (Not Graded)

Friday 09/18

  • Quiz on the A White Heron (Formative) 
  • Grade, discuss, and enter quiz grade on Friday 
  • Follow-up discussion 
  • Practice the writing of a Thematic Statement (Provide a hard copy example for students upon conclusion)
  • Homework: Please read and understand the model *thematic statement provided for you on A White Heron
  •  Students will be expected to emulate the content and style of provided example next week 

*see example Thematic Statement for A White Heron on E9 webpage 

Monday 09/21 

  • Read A Sound of Thunder in class 
  • Discuss Major and Minor Characters, Static vs. Dynamic Characterization, Plot Development, Figurative Language, and theme in class 
  • Finish reading as homework as necessitates
  • Homework: Complete a Thematic Statement on A Sound of Thunder  

Tuesday 09/22

  • Share and submit rough draft thematic statements on turnitin.com by class time Wednesday (Formative Grade / 10 Points)
  • Refer directly to the model thematic statement provided and attempt to emulate structure and style 

 Wednesday 09/23 

  • Discussion on necessary revisions to thematic statements / provide examples of common discrepancies and instruction on how to revise 
  • Final ASOT Thematic Statements due for submission tomorrow at class time (Summative Grade / 10 Points) 

Thursday 09/24 

  • Peer Review Final Draft of ASOT Thematic Statement 

Friday 09/25 

  • ASOT Thematic Statement due for submission by *class time (*note: a computer will not be provided in class for this task) 
  • Provide an explanation of Personal Narrative Unit / Steps / Requirements / Products
  • Provide example of Personal Narrative Outline 
  • Deliver example narrative (time permitting) 

Monday 09/28 

  • Personal Narrative Brainstorming 
  • Deliver Lesson on Plot Structure Requirements / Sensory Detail Integration / Figurative Language and other elements of good story telling 
  • Students should have bullet list of top three choices by Tuesday Class Period 

Tuesday 09/29 

  • Small group vetting of options: students will present their three top story choices to a small group of their peers.
  • Together groups will narrow down to one option 
  • Begin rough draft outline of the story in class 
  • *Rough draft outline due tomorrow at the beginning of class (please refer to hard copy example or linked version above). 

*Rough Draft version may be typed or hand-written 

  • Note the following when completing Final Draft Outline:
  1. Times New Roman 12 Font / Single Spaced / 1" Margins 
  2. One extra space between each main point
  3. Introduction and conclusion are written out verbatim (as it is spoken) in a complete paragraph
  4. Supporting Details are written out as sentence fragments (use Figurative Language and Sensory Details when considering supporting information)  
  5. Introduction, each Main Point of the plot, and the Conclusion are labelled with an upper case Roman Numerical Designation 
  6. Supporting details are indented two tabs / or an additional five spaces and labelled with an upper case Alphabetical Designation 
  7. Additional Support to Details  are indented 3 tabs / or an additional five spaces and written as sentence fragments 
  8. Final draft should be a minimum of one page and a maximum of two-pages in length

Wednesday 09/30

  • Initial rough draft outline due at the beginning of the class 
  • Conference with students individually in order to check progress and provide specific feedback  
  • Guide students on the development of plot, sensory detail integration, figurative language usage and pacing 
  • Students will be provided with in class work time and computers to type / re-draft outline  
  • Students type outline as homework for Thursday 

Consider continual adjustments to your outline to address the following common deficits noted today in individual conferencing sessions:

1. Most Expositions were underdeveloped. The audience should have a clear understanding of who, what, when, and where in the first 30-60 seconds of the presentation 

2. Use sensory detail in the Exposition. Put the audience there. What did it look, sound, smell, feel, and taste like in this place? 

3. Use figurative language as part of your descriptions in this outline. Focus on Similes, Metaphors, Onomatopoeias, Repetition, and Alliteration. This is an expectation of the assignment

Thursday 10/01 

  • Typed outline due at the beginning of the class period 
  • Peer review for format, plot, details, and language
  • Students will continue to conference with me individually for instruction and feedback in drafting during class 
  • Enter rough draft grades - Collect drafts of those that cannot be met with with in class

Friday 10/02 

  • Final outlines due for grading (meet with students while grading / provide time for revision 
  • Bring notecards to class on Monday (size of your choosing) 
  • Students create notecards to use during presentation 
  • Review Personal Narrative Speech Rubric and the expectations of delivery

Monday 10/05 

  • Students practice delivery of Personal Narrative Story in groups of three 
  • Listeners time and take notes on all aspects of delivery (from rubric) 
  • Prepare for actual delivery tomorrow

Tuesday 10/06  - Friday 10/09 

  • Personal Narrative Speeches  
  • No weekend Homework  for Periods 1 and 2 
  1. Period 5: Please address each statement on Anticipation Guide in paragraph form 
  1. Prepare for graded discussion next week 
  2. Use data, logic, and or personal experience when addressing each question 
  3. Feel free to conduct basic outside of class research, speak to parents or guardians, and / or discuss the topics with your friends to enhance your point of view 
  4. Students that effectively utilize personal research in the presentation of their viewpoint are eligible for additional credit on graded discussion 

Monday 10/12

  • Begin new unit on argumentative writing (Final Summative Product - The Olympia Paragraph) 
  • Distribute Anticipation Guide on Climate Change 
  • Students will be provided class time to read, consider, document, and prepare for a graded discussion on the questions and statements provided 
  • Students are encouraged to discuss statements and questions with their parents and / or other adults 
  • Students should prepare a one paragraph response for each of the statements as homework for Tuesday (completion will be checked on a roster upon entry) 
  • Be prepared for graded discussion (Performance 1-3) 

Tuesday 10/13 

  • Students help orient the classroom desks into panel formation 
  • Grade written responses to Anticipation Guide on Climate Change  
  • Articulate the moderation process of a group discussion 
  • Conduct group discussion (students will be graded according to their own contributions, insights, the use of personal examples and data, as well as their constructive reaction to others) 
  • Discussion will be graded on a scale of 1-3 in the Performance category. 
  • Students that wish to bolster their grade on the written response portion may document and submit a more a comprehensive typed response by Thursday  

Wednesday 10/14

  • Provide opportunity for select contributions to graded discussion 
  • Distribute 3 Essential Questions (These will be the options that students choose to write their Olympia Paragraph on) 
  • Explain each question in detail / advise on how to prepare notes for a response 
  • Begin the viewing of the BBC Documentary The Truth about Climate Change (58:25) - Available to the public on You Tube 
  • Interrupt the film as necessitates and model note taking and inquiry procedures 

Thursday 10/15 

  • View the BBC Documentary The Truth about Climate Change 
  • Students take notes 
  • Students are encouraged to engage their parents or guardians in ongoing discussion about the content presented in the documentary and articles 
  • Students are encouraged to conduct informal research on their own as well 
  • No weekend homework 

Friday 10/16  

  • Faculty Meetings Today 
  • No Homework for Students 

Monday 10/19 

  • Students in all sections concluded their viewing and note taking on the BBC documentary The Truth about Climate Change 
  • Period 5 students were asked to complete  a set of 3 graphic organizers designed to help them chose prime data and break the prompt into parts
  • P5 GO assignment due at the start of class tomorrow 

Tuesday 10/20 

  • Period 5 Check and grade graphic organizers 
  • Select well completed examples and have students present on document camera 
  • Distribute, read, annotate, and discuss both articles Climate Change: The Big Myths that need to be Exploded and The Myth of the Climate Change 97%
  • Model annotation, note taking, critical reading, and other aspects of the careful reading of non-fiction
  • Students should read and annotate which ever article we did not do in class as homework. Upon entry tomorrow students should have:

1. Located and highlighted the thesis statement within select article 

2. Locate and highlight 3 instances of prime (best) instances of direct textual evidence that supports thesis  

Wednesday 10/23 

  • Check student explication of select articles 
  • Follow-up discussion on data and topic 
  • Distribute "Oly Paragraph" organizer templete
  • Distribute sample "Oly Paragraph" on Government and trust as well as the English department standard document on style and organization 
  • Deconstruct for content and stylistics
  • Begin guided drafting of "Oly Paragraph / students fill out "Oly Paragraph" graphic organizer as homework   

Thursday 10/22 

  • Continued guiding draft of Olympia Paragraph 

Friday 10/23

  • Students write "Oly Paragraph" on climate change based on select prompts (distributed last week) - 10 Points Summative Test 

Monday 10/26

  • Review grades and common discrepancies in writing 
  • Distribute student Paragraphs (Paragraphs have been scored but not marked) 
  • Review deconstruction procedures 
  • Review 8 essential questions (students take notes) 
  • Introduce common rubric (walk the students through the document 


  • Students will deconstruct and label the organizational sections of their own written response (as per guidance) 
  • Students will address 8 essential questions when reviewing their written work (mark yes or no responses on the back of the paragraph sheet) 
  1. Does the introduction effectively present the topic?
  2. Does the thesis answer the prompt - all  three parts? 
  3. Does the first main point clearly take a stance on one  aspect of the prompt? (repeat * twice)
  4. Is evidence used to support main point / direct textual evidence from documentary / provided articles / student located articles?  

Are quotation marks used?

Is the source clearly stated?

5. Is each main point supported with analysis / Is evidence explained? (repeat*twice)



6. Is there a conclusion or reflection?

7. Are transitions used? For Instance:

First of all



8. Is the writing fluid? (grammar, mechanics, sentence flow)? 

  • Students fill out and self-score their paper on the provided rubric 

 Tuesday 10/27 

  • Check student work 
  • Peer review with partners
  • Students meet with student peer leaders 
  • Students conference with instructor discuss the rubric and student paragraph grades 
  • Students that choose to submit an updated / improved final draft may do so by submitting a typed draft by Thursday, October 29th - at class time. 

Make sure that final revised drafts include the name and class period! 

Wednesday 10/28 

  • Begin unit on advertising and rhetoric 
  • Pass out advertising terms sheet - Review terms with students 
  • View sample ad on You Tube (Many Hear the Call) USMC advertisement 
  • Students and instructor work together to provide initial analysis 

Thursday 10/29 

  • Final Paragraph Redraft Due at class time 
  • Continue to practice on select advertisements - students provide analysis with instructor feedback 
  • Students split into groups, locate select advertisement, and prepare class lesson. Address the following questions? 

1. What is the central message of this advertisement?

2. Who is the intended target audience? 

3. What specific advertising techniques are used? How are these techniques made manifest? 

4. What specific outcome or effect does the use of each technique  have on the viewer? 

5. Is the advertisement effective in your opinion? Why or why not? 

Friday 10/30 

  • Students present ad and key analysis points to peer audience

Groups  work on Olympia Paragraph response to address the following questions / sections: 

Attention Getting Introduction 

1. What is the central message of the chosen advertisement?

2. What specific advertising techniques are used within the ad and how are they made manifest?

3. Who is the intended target audience and is the ad effective at reaching them?   

Conclusion / Reflection 

Monday 11/02  

  • Groups begin work on Olympia Paragraph in class today

Tuesday 11/03 

  • Continue / Finalize Olympia Paragraph on Adverting Techniques and Selected Ad. 

Wednesday 11/04 

  • Olympia paragraph due (printed) at the beginning of class 
  • Must be complete and printed upon arrival as we will not have access to computers 
  • Advertising Terms Test today 
  • Students take test - grade as a class 

Thursday  11/05 

  • *Assign / Checkout a book to students
  • Complete Anticipation Guide/s on Of Mice and Men 
  • Conduct short graded discussion on anticipation guide key points - Student led 
  • Meet with all student groups to discuss and pass back Olympia Paragraph 
  • *Students should bring personal copy of the book to class everyday  

Friday 11/06 

  • Begin reading and lecture of Of Mice and Men  (OMAM)
  • View PBS Documentary on The Great Depression (View from 28:00 to conclusion) 
  • Provide short lecture as needed
  • Students finish reading Chapter 1 as Homework over the weekend

Monday 11/09

  • Students complete select tasks associated with Reading Journal for Chapter 1 for tomorrow
  • Top three students will present their samples 
  • Assignment will be graded as formative 
  • No additional reading homework tonight 

Tuesday 11/10

  • Begin reading Chapter 2 from OMAM in class 
  • Students finish as Homework 
  • Students complete Reading Journal entry 2 - Due Thursday at class time 

Wednesday 11/11 

  • No School / Holiday 

Thursday 11/12 

  • Check all reading journal entries 
  • Select students present reading journals for extra points 
  • Discussion on select literary / analytical elements 
  • Students read through Chapter 3 / up to Chapter 4 by Monday 
  • Prepare for short answer quiz on Chapter (Monday) 

Friday 11/13

  • 25 Minute Class Periods 
  • SSR Day - Students read Chapter 3 

Monday 11/16 

  • Reading Comprehension quiz on Chapter 13 
  • Students read Chapter 4 from OMAM for class tomorrow
  • Complete Reading Journal Entry 3 or 4 for class tomorrow 

Tuesday 11/17 

  • Check and grade Reading Journal for Chapter 4 
  • Select entries will have the opportunity to receive extra credit on the homework portion of this assignment 

Wednesday 11/18

  • Literary discussion on OMAM
  • Students read Chapter 5 as homework 
  • Complete 4th Reading Journal Entry 
  • SSR of Chapter 5 / I will begin reading to the students in class 


Thursday 11/19

  • Check 4th entry of Reading Journal / Score and Enter 
  • Students complete theme diagram with small group / present to class at the end of the period 
  • Finish reading the text as homework tonight 
  • Finish and prepare to submit all final draft Reading Journal Entries (5 in total) 
  • OMAM MC Exam Tomorrow 

Friday 11/20

  • OMAM MC Exam Tomorrow 
  • NO weekend homework!

Monday 11/23

  • Grade OMAM MC exam in class / enter scores 
  • Essay writing lesson and workshop 
  • Students interact and take notes 

Tuesday 11/24

  • Continue OMAM Essay Prep 

Wednesday 11/25 

  • Students complete select essay outlining tasks in class (graded as a summative exam) 

Monday 11/30 

  • Provide remedial lesson on the essay exam and select tasks 
  • Students may choose to re-write this week after making an appointment to conference with instructor 
  • Pass out final project handout and explain the requirements thereunto pertaining 
  • Students should pick a project and be prepared to present their idea to the instructor as for tomorrow (homework) 

Tuesday 12-01 

  • Student teacher project conference day (Students explain their project ideas to the instructor and receive one-on-one feedback 
  • Project due for grading and jigsaw presentation this Friday 12/04 

Wednesday 12/02 - Thursday 12/03 

  • Guided student work days

Friday 12/04 

  • Final projects due for grading and jigsaw presentations 

Monday 12/07 

  • Class discussion on social offenses 
  • Students reads and notes pages 666-671 in primary (Romeo and Juliet) 

Tuesday 12/08 

  • Determine parts and begin reading ACT 1 / Scene 1 in primary text book

Wednesday 12/09 

  • Begin reading of Act 1 / Scene 1
  • Discuss the nuances of the first 150 lines 
  • Begin mini-lesson of poetic forms (Iambic Pentameter) 

Thursday 12/10

  • Continue reading and discussion of Act 1 / Scene 1 

Friday 12/11

  • Students complete definitions on Literary Terms Sheet in small groups (This document will be graded for completeness as a test at the conclusion of the play.) 

Monday 12/14

  • Read ACT 1 in Romeo and Juliet in class 
  • Finish reading ACT 1 as homework (Link above under Monday 12/07 plan) 
  • Prepare for ACT 1 reading quiz tomorrow (all students will test) 

Tuesday 12/15 

  • Conduct, grade, and score ACT 1 quiz 
  • No homework tonight 

Wednesday 12/16 

  • Begin reading ACT 2 in class 
  • Students take notes on select portions as required by the instructor 

Thursday 12/17 

  • Continue reading ACT 2 in class 
  • Students finish as homework 
  • Prepare for ACT 2 quiz tomorrow 

Friday 12/18 

  • Students take Act 2 quiz in class 
  • Grade and enter quiz in grade book 
  • Begin viewing ACTS 1-2 film as time permits 
  • Homework over break - Please carefully read ACT III prior to return from break 
  • Complete a reading journal entry for ACT III (Due at class time after break) with the same requirements as the OMAM assignment OR take ACT III quiz upon return 
  • Act III assessment will follow upon return

Monday 01/04

  • Students complete ACT 3 Quiz 
  • Grade Quiz in class 
  • No homework 

Tuesday 01/05 

  • Begin Reading ACT 4 in class 

Wednesday 01/06 

  • Begin Reading ACT 5 in class 
  • Students finish reading ACT 5 as homework / Finish Play as Homework Tonight 
  • Be prepared to complete Quizzes on ACTS 4 / 5 tomorrow in class 

Thursday 01/07 

  • Students work on the completion of Quiz 4 / 5
  • Quiz due tomorrow at the beginning of the period 

Friday 01/08 

  • Students submit final R/J quiz for Acts 4-5 
  • Begin viewing R/J film 
  • Complete Literary Terms Sheet and submit for review by Tuesday 01/12 (Use pink paperback book or uploaded link from Monday 12/07 to complete) 

Monday 01/11 - Tuesday 01/12 

  • Continue viewing of Romeo and Juliet 
  • All completed Literary Terms Sheets due today 

Wednesday 01/13 -Friday 01/15 

  • Mini Lesson on how to deconstruct a dictionary entry /primary and secondary definitions / parts of speech / etymology 
  • Students design a poster that will aid their peers the understanding of Romeo and Juliet.
  • Posters should include the following: 

1. 5 Key Images representative of an important event or occurrence  from EACH ACT - 5 total images

2. A specific example from the play of the manifestation of each assigned literary device (e.g. personification) with ACT / Scene / Line Numbers 

3. Three student choice vocal words / with full dictionary entry applied 

Finished product should be ready to present as a teaching tool to peers by Friday 01/15/2016 

Monday 01/18 


Tuesday 01/19 

  • Review Art / Film Essay Prompt 
  • Deconstruct the language and requirements - Students take notes 
  • Prepare students for the viewing of film - students will write an in-essay on this

Wednesday 01/20 - Friday 01/22  

  • View the Baz Luhrman Version of Romeo and Juliet
  • Track and record one specific artistic variation within the film 

Consider the following: 

  1. What is the variation?
  2. How is it made manifest within this work? 
  3. What influence does it have on the film overall? 

Monday 01/25

Essay Writing Lesson (Art / Film Essay): 

  • Reexamine prompt and organizational expectations
  • Present and discuss sample essay
  • Address questions related to overall influence  
  • Students will be provide with full access to their notes for the final in-class essay exam

Tuesday 01/26 - Thursday 01 / 28 

  • Final Exams

*Friday 01/29

*25 Minute Class Periods 

  • Attempt to arrange, administer all S1 assessment materials 
  • Meet each student / show semester grade / Discuss strengths and areas for improvement 

Monday 02/01

  • Continue meeting with students / show grade / discuss strengths and areas  for improvement
  • Collect copies of R/J
  • Explain and provide handouts for Social Awareness Research Project and Presentation 
  • Students pick top three choices from sheet and write a one paragraph justification for each as homework 

Tuesday 02/02 

  • Record and document student topic choices 
  • Assign each student on of the three topic choices based off their justifications
  • Read Here Comes the Teen Bride / Annotate for thesis and prime direct textual evidence 
  • Begin sample citation and abstract in class 
  • Students finish as homework 

Wednesday 02/03 

  • Teach the process for the creation of abstracts 
  • Model the process for locating articles online - research
  • Students begin to search for articles / No printing capability in portable classroom 7 / Students will need to print in HS library or at home

Thursday 02/04 

  •  Students locate, print, read, and annotate 2 articles on their topic of inquiry 
  •  Both annotated articles should be printed, read, and annotated by the beginning of class tomorrow   
  • Prepare Model of Inquiry Question / and 3 sub questions based off of reading from articles and / or other searches

Friday 02/05

  • Meet with each student / Check and grade the acquisition of articles as well as the annotation 
  • Students create a draft copy of their annotated bibliography based on their articles 
  • 1st draft annotated bibliography due Monday 

Monday 02/08 

  • Review Draft annotated bibliographies 
  • Deliver mini-lesson on presentation guidelines
  • Students began to Prepare Presentations
  • Presentations should be +/- 5 minutes long and include the following: 
  1. Cover Slide 
  2. Introduction and Justification Slide 
  3. Model of Inquiry Question 
  4. Sub questions and answers 
  5. 3 examples of prime direct textual evidence from articles
  6. 1 chart, graph, or diagram,
  7. 3 images that compliment the presentation 
  8. Works Cited Slide 

Tuesday 02/09 - Thursday 02/11 

  • Presentation preparations 
  • Finish drafting annotated bibliography 

Friday 02/12 

  •  Jigsaw presentations in groups of 5-6 
  • Hand in final draft annotated bibliography (this should be typed and hand submitted to the instructor) 
  • Submit PP presentation via google drive (locate folder appropriate to period and submit prior to the end of the class day 2:22) 

Wednesday 02/17

  • Discuss missing annotated bibliographies and Presentations with students 
  • Friday is the last day Ann. Bibs or Presentations will be accepted for a grade 
  • Begin new unit on To Kill a Mockingbird 

1.Begin Image Analysis Exercise: Students will be shown 3-4 images associated with segregation / Jim Crow in the Southern United States

2. Students will fill out a graphic analysis sheet that addresses the following components of each image:

  •  5 analytical observations for each image 
  • 2 questions about each image 
  • 1 paragraph analytical statement for each 

Students that are absent should locate and print 3 images that they feel are profound visual representation of segregation and complete the aforementioned tasks.  

Thursday 02 /18 

  • Continue image analysis in class / discussion / submit sheet for grading 
  • Read Letter to Martin Luther King from a Group of Clergymen, April 12th, 1963 
  • Complete analysis sheet (Activity 1) on primary sources (due as homework for tomorrow)

Friday 02/19 

  •  Students turn in their analytical sheet related to Letter...
  • Grade and discuss assignment 
  • Distribute activity 3.5 
  • Begin reading in class / working on 3.5 
  • Students complete 3.5 as homework for Monday 

Monday 02/22 

  • Review and discuss reading packet on MLK Letter from Birmingham City Jail  
  • Grade assignments 
  • Distribute novel To Kill a Mockingbird (TKAM) 
  • Begin reading in class 
  • All students should bring their copy of TKAM to class tomorrow for an SSR day 

Tuesday 02/23

  • SSR Day 
  • Students carefully read Chapters 1-3  in TKAM as homework for tomorrow 
  • Prepare for quiz tomorrow on Chapters 1-3 

Wednesday 02/24

  • Students take in-class quiz on Chapters 1-3 in TKAM 
  • Discuss key analytical facets of reading 
  • Read Chapter 4 as homework 
  • Stand prepared to be assessed on Chapter 4 
  • Complete study guide portions for Chapters 1-4 (Periods 2/5) 

Thursday 02/25

  • Tomorrow is the last day that annotated bibliographies and / or presentations will be accepted for a grade 
  • Analyze Study Guide Questions for Chapters 3 -4 in class (discuss) 
  • Pass back and review quiz on first reading 
  • Read the first several pages of Chapter 5 to students - have them record key quote as noted 
  • Students complete careful reading of Chapters 5 and 6 as homework for Monday 
  • Students prepare a written analysis of identified quote:
  1. What is this quote suggesting literally?  
  2. Is there truth in the statement? 
  3. Can you relate to the observation in any way? / Do you have a similar analogy? 

Friday 02/26

  • Discussion on quote and theme homework assignment 
  • Students show examples of their work - if willing 
  • Read Chapters 5 - 6 in TKAM for Monday. 

Monday 02/29

  • Students complete the rest of the Chapters 3-6 study guide on their own and submit in class as quiz 
  • Students complete character analysis on Scout - Calpurnia + Miss Maudie Atkinson in their TKAM packet 
  • Read chapters 7-8 in TKAM as homework (Take notes on Boo Radley) 

Tuesday 03/01

  • Check for Understanding Quiz / Chapters 7-8  TKAM (not graded)
  • Brief discussion on Chapters 7 - 8 TKAM
  • Discuss requirements for in-class extended response tomorrow (Student take notes as homework as preparation)
  • Team reading of Chapter 8  TKAM in class
  • Students should review Extended Response quote and associated questions as homework
  • Finish careful reading of Chapter 8 in TKAM as homework  

Wednesday 03/02 

  • Students write Extended Response Paragraph (Chapter 9)  as a micro-test
  • Read Chapters 10-11-12 in TKAM as homework for Friday   

Thursday 03/03 

  • SSR Day 
  • Read Chapters 11-12-13 in TKAM  

Friday 03/04

  • Review Extended Response Paragraph micro-test 
  • Pass back tests for student observation and consideration 
  • Model the process of how to complete a Theme Tracker Block on TKAM packet 
  • Model the process of how to complete a Characterization Development section of TKAM packet 
  • Students complete 1 Theme Tracker block for each theme in class
  • Students complete 3 Characterization Development sections in class
  • Read chapters 13 and 14 as homework in TKAM  

Monday 03/07 

  • Students prepare notes for a graded discussion tomorrow (Students pick 5 of the 9 provided questions) 
  • Read Chapters 15 and 16 for homework (assessment Wednesday) 
  • Graded discussion tomorrow (prepare personal notes and evidence) 

Tuesday 03/08 

  • Conduct graded discussion in class 
  • Students that are not present may submit typed responses and turn them in b this Thursday for full credit
  • Students should read Chapters 14-15 for class tomorrow 

Wednesday 03/09

  • Students should work in assigned small groups in order to address a select reading questions and prepare a brief lesson to the class 
  • Students present lesson to the class 
  • Students read TKAM chapters 17-18-19 as homework for Friday 

Thursday 03/10

  • SSR Today 

Friday  03/11

  • Model the process of how to fill out themes portion of TKAM Packet / Locate and discuss direct textual evidence
  • No weekend homework 

Monday 03/14

  • Discussion on being falsely accused and Ewell's motivations for accusing Robinson 
  • Students read TKAM chapters 20-21-22 for class tomorrow

Tuesday 03/15

  • Discussion on the concept of reasonable doubt 
  • Explain the requirements for TKAM timeline or map project 
  • Students begin map / timeline project and /or work on packet 
  • Read ahead if time allows 

Wednesday 03/16

  • SSR Day 
  • Students read chapters 23-24-25-26-27 for Thursday class 

Thursday 03/17 

  • Literary discussion on reading 
  • Packet due tomorrow (graded as 10 point test) 

Friday 03/18 

  • Students work individually or with partner on project 
  • TKAM Packet due today 
  • I will provide guidance and help students with their project as needed 
  • Finish the book as reading homework over the weekend 
  • Work on  timeline  / map and submit for grading on Tuesday 

Monday 03/21

  • Project work day 
  • Pass back TKAM packets 
  • Students revise packers / Wednesday 03/23 is the last day they will be accepted 

Tuesday 03/22

  • Student work day on TKAM Project (Period 1 only) 
  • Periods 2/5 submit projects for grading 
  • Deconstruction of FRQ essay prompt
  • Students should prepare for TKAM Test tomorrow  

Wednesday 03/23 

  • TKAM Test 
  • Students select and prepare for a select essay prompt for Thursday           

Thursday 03/24

  • Essay workshop 
  • Model the preparation based on practice prompt 

Friday 03/25 

  • Student essay work day
  • Completed 1st draft due on Monday 

Monday 03/28 

  • Peer Review Essays 
  • Students apply suggested points of revision as they see fit 
  • Distribute and explain rubrics 
  • Students submit completed draft tomorrow at class time (printed out)

Tuesday 03/29 

  • Peer review day 
  • Essays due (printed) tomorrow 

Wednesday 03/30 

  • Essays due today 
  • Review example projects 
  • Begin film TKAM 
  • No homework 

Thursday 04/01 - Friday 04/02

  • View film TKAM 
  • No homework over break! 

Monday 04/04 - Friday 04/08

  • Spring Break - No Homework!

Monday 04/11 

  • Begin Preparation for the Letter for Change Unit 
  • Model reading and annotation of article Freedom of Speech in Public Schools
  • Students take notes based on instructor modeling 
  • Finish article as homework - prepare for quiz on Tuesday 

Tuesday 04/12

  • Article Quiz 
  • Distribute article Human Rights in Public Schools
  • Students read and annotate as homework 
  • Students create an abstract for the article the includes the following: Author / Title / Organizational and Content Summary / Thesis / at least one instance of Direct Textual Evidence (due at class time tomorrow)

Wednesday 04/13

  • Read and annotate two remaining articles on dress code: Rationale for Student Dress Codes....and Dress Codes: Turning our Students into Soulless Conformists..." 
  • Students complete unfinished tasks as homework for tomorrow

Thursday 04/14 

  • Review select tasks associated with "conformists" article 
  • Distribute and explain Letter for Change prep. Handout 
  • Brainstorm additional topic options with students 
  • Students should be prepared to present their topic  and stance with the instructor tomorrow at the beginning of class 
  • Students that would like to advance in the process are encouraged to locate, print, and annotate 2 articles on their topic  for class tomorrow 

Friday 04/15 

  • Studnets will be provided with computers in class today 
  • Instructor will conference with students to ensure that an appropriate topic has been chosen and is defendable 
  • All students should have a topic chosen, a thesis drafted, and 2 articles located - printed - and annotated by class time Monday (These tasks will be graded) 

Monday 04/18

  • Present a lesson on business letter format (students take notes)
  • Distribute example letter for change (students mirror format and stylistics 
  • Meet with each student for document interview (check to ensure each student has printed, read, and annotated 2 articles) 
  • Rough draft letter for change due tomorrow at class time. 

Tuesday 04/19

  • Meet with each student and review rough draft letter 
  • Provide instructional guidance as needed
  • Students will be provided a computer and class time to apply revisions to letter
  • Students will print, sign, and submit letters when given approval 
  • All signed final drafts due tomorrow at the beginning of class 

Wednesday 04/20 

  • Signed Letter for Change due for grading and submission 
  • Distribute and checkout a copy of Animal Farm to each student 
  • Distribute a study guide packet to each student 
  • Begin reading the Chapter 1 in class 
  • Students do not have homework this evening

Thursday 04/21

  • Students complete characterization section in study guide for characters present in Chapter 1 of AF
  • Students complete Reading Journal Entry Number 1 for Chapter 1 of AF. Include: 
  1. A title that captures the essence of the theme of the chapter
  2. The drawing of a key scene or symbol with Chapter 1 
  3. A key quote within the chapter 
  4. An analytical question related to the reading 
  5. A one paragraph analysis of the manifestation of theme: What theme exists in Chapter 1? / How is this theme made manifest? 

Friday 04/22

  • SSR Day
  • Students should submit Reading Journal # 1 today in class for grading  
  • Read Chapters 2-3-4-5 as homework (prepare for quiz on Monday) 

Monday 04/25 

  • Quiz on reading of Chapters 2-3-4-5 in Animal Farm 

Tuesday 04/26 -  Wednesday 04/27 

  • Student workday 
  • Students complete the following items in the Animal Farm Packet for Thursday:
  • Students should study vocabulary sheets in preparation for a vocabulary quiz on Thursday 
  1. Left hand column of Character Tracker 
  2. The Seven Commandments 
  3. Definitions
  4. All portions of both vocabulary sheets 

No reading homework due this week!

Thursday 04/28 

  • Students submit select aspects  of study guide and vocabulary sheets for grading 
  • Students complete vocabulary quiz in class / grade quiz    

Friday 04/29

  • SSR Day 
  • Students complete the reading of Chapters 6-7-8 in Animal Farm for Monday 
  • Students complete Reading Journal Entry 2 for Monday / Include:


  1. A title that captures the essence of the theme of the chapter
  2. The drawing of a key scene or symbol with Chapter 1 
  3. A key quote within the chapter as well as an analytical summation as to why it is important 
  4. An analytical question related to the reading 
  5. A one paragraph analysis of the manifestation of theme: What theme exists in Chapter 1? / How is this theme made manifest? 
  6. One additional creative aspect that evidences understanding of the given chapters 

Monday 05/02 

  • Quiz on Chapters 6-7-8 
  • Students submit their Reading Journal entries for grading
  • Select student present entires for up to 2 points additional  credit
  • Students complete their reading up the book by Friday 05/06   

Tuesday 05/03 

  • Presentations on the Russian Revolution and Animal Farm (Students remain attentive) 
  • Students complete all aspects of their Animal Farm Study Guide (due Friday) 
  • Students complete final Reading Journal Entry (due Friday) 

Wednesday 05/04 

  • Begin viewing of the the documentary Inside Undercover North Korea with Lisa Ling 
  • Students take select notes on documentary 

Thursday 05/05

  • In-class essay (Argumentative / Use of Evidence)  

Friday 05/06 

  • Final discussion on Animal Farm 
  • Completed Study Guide due for grading
  • Completed Reading Journal due for grading
  • Select students present Reading Journal entries 

Monday 05/09 

  • Pass back all graded  work 
  • Complete Documentary on North Korea 
  • Last day for handing in graded work for Animal Farm Unit: Wednesday 05/11 

Tuesday 05/10 - Wednesday 05/11 

  • FRQ Essay Exam Preparation
  • Practice Deconstruction of the prompt, thesis generation, topic sentences, body paragraphs, analysis, and the use of evidence

Thursday 05/12 

  • Students write FRQ Essay Exam in Class - 20 Points Summative 

Friday 05/13

  • Students check in Animal Farm books 
  • Students that missed class yesterday will be provided a prompt and will write essays in P1 
  • Begin the viewing of Animal Farm Film 
  • No weekend homework 

Monday 05/16 

  • Explain the nature of the Writing Realistic Fiction Multi- Genre Project 
  • Pass out related documents 
  • Field student questions 
  • Homework (Due Wednesday 05/18: 

1. Students should have a topic chosen and approved by me 

2. Student should create a persuasive thesis related to the topic 

3. Students should meet with me and share their intensions on project components

Tuesday 05/17 

  • Meet with each student to discuss thesis and project plan 
  • Thesis and project plan meeting due tomorrow 
  • Completed Category 1 products and Justifications due Next Wednesday 05/25  

Wednesday 05/18 

  • Continuation of individual meetings and project planning 
  • Project thesis and plan component authorization due today
  • Students complete Category 1 project component and related justification by Wednesday 05/25  

Thursday 05/19 - Friday 05/20 

  • Student work and conference days 
  • All sections except Period 2 Meet in Mac Lab (Hall 3) for Monday Class 

Monday 05/23

  • Project work day (All sections except Period 2 report directly to Mac. Lab in hall 3 
  • Meet and conference with students on drafts
  • Category 1 project and justification due Wednesday 05/25

Tuesday 05/24

  • Cart work day 
  • Conference with each student 
  • Category 1 product and justification should be finished for review and draft grading by tomorrow 
  • Periods 1 and 2 meet in the Mac Lab (Hall 3) for class tomorrow 
  • Period 5 meet in the regular classroom (bring art supplies or personal computers) 

Wednesday 05/25 

  • Students project work and conference day 
  • Instructor conferences and grading of drafts 

Thursday 05/26 

  • All sections in the regular classroom today 
  • Students should have Category 1 product and justification completed for review and revisions 
  • Periods 1 and 2 meet in Mac Lab (Hall 3) for classes tomorrow 
  • Period 5 meet in the regular classroom (bring art supplies or personal computers) 
  • Continue conferences will all students 

Friday 05/27 

  • Class work and conference day 
  • Periods 1 and 2 meet in the Mac Lab (Hall 3) 
  • Period 5 meet in the regular classroom 
  • Students create category 2 portion of the project as well as the justification 

Tuesday 05/31

  • All sections meet in regular classroom for today 
  • Computer cart and other resources will be provided for students 
  • Category 1 Product and Justifications are due for grading tomorrow 
  • Students bring printed drafts of both aspects for instructional conference 

Wednesday 06/01 

  • Meet each student to conference on Category 2 product and justification progress 
  • Grade student drafts 

Thursday 06/02 

  • Computer Cart Work Day 
  • Grade student drafts / suggest revisions 
  • No technological assets are available tomorrow 
  • Students are encouraged to bring art supplies to complete aspects of the project that do not require word processing and / or printing 

Friday 06/03

  • Student work day in P7 
  • Students are encouraged to work on artistic aspects of project 

Monday 06/06 - Friday 06/10 

  • Student work and instructor conferences 
  • Class will be held in the Mac Lab in Hall 3 on Monday,  June 6th and Wednesday, June 8th
  • Completed final project (in all parts) due on Monday, June 13th - printed and ready for inspection and final grading   

Monday 06/13 - Tuesday 06/14 

  • Student Final Project Due 
  • Collect all projects at the beginning of the class period on Monday 
  • Meet individually with each student in order to grade and discuss grading. 

Wednesday 06/15 - Friday 06/17

  • Student Presentation of Final Project