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Instructional Highlights and Homework 

Wednesday 09/07 

  • Attendance 
  • Distribute Syllabus and Performance Rubric 
  • Distribute Stundet Senate materials 
  • Students should carefully read the above mentioned documents and come prepared with questions thereunto pertaining by tomorrow 
  • Introductory lesson on the OCS / Students and Instructor read aloud in class 

 Thursday 09/08 

  • Picture Day 
  • Stundet Senate Voting 
  • Continue OCS discussion 
  • What do the Oneida Value? How do you know? 
  • Students create a list of similarities and differences between the OCS and other religious or secular explanations of creation 
  • Discussion of key terms related to the analysis of the OCS (graded) 
  • Students document notes on the OCS 

 Friday 09/09 

  • Review of key concepts (Anthropocentrism, Anthropomorphism, Duality of Man) 
  • Background  on Black Elk 
  • Read from Black Elk Speaks 
  • No weekend homework!  

Monday 09/12 

  • Read pages 1-18 in primary American Literature text (take notes) or Read from IIP Digital - American Literature Outline, section on Early American and Colonial Period to 1776 (take notes)
  • Group A: read pages 26-33 (Bradford)
  • Group B: read pages 38-46 (Rowlandson) 

1. Both groups prepare notes that address the following: How are the author's Puritanical beliefs manifested in both content and style within these readings? 

2.  Students select and document / transcribe 2 specific passages that they feel are best representative of content and style 

3.  Prepare a 10 minute lesson (to be delivered to their peers) that effectively teaches the nature of the authors and their writing. 

Steps 1-3 should be completed by class time on Wednesday

 Tuesday 09/13

  • Lecture and Discussion  on Literary Canon and Puritans (Students are active / ask questions / respond / take notes) 

Wednesday 09/14 

  • Provide class period for students to finish reading and documentation of responses for Monday tasks (Include):

1. Biographical Information 

2. Content 

  • What is this about? 
  • What is the author concerned with? 
  • What is the theme or message? 

Use direct textual evidence to support your lesson (at least two instances) 

3. Style 

  • What aspects distinguish the author's style? 
  • Syntax / Diction / Tone / Selection of Detail / Allusions / Point of View / Bias 

Thursday 09/15 

  • Students meet in groups to prepare lesson (10-15 minutes)
  • Students teach lesson on their selection to a small group of their peers 
  • Students observe lessons and ask questions / active note taking 

Friday 09/16  

  • Students complete quiz on Beginnings - Puritans 
  • Grade and enter quiz in class 
  • Review quiz items as a group 

Monday 09/19 

  • Quiz Debrief 
  • Image Analysis (Slave Ship Hold) pages 56-65 in primary text 
  • Discussion of image analysis 
  • No homework tonight  

Tuesday 09/20 

  • Read biographical information from  The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano online or in pages 57-66 in primary text during class
  • Choose a key passage of the text and document  it in your notebook 
  • Complete an analytical paragraph wherein you explain the context of the selection. Concurrently deconstruct (break down and analyze part by part) the selection in writing. Be sure to illuminate the central meaning of the passage as well as the analytical purpose that it exerts on the entire selection 

Wednesday 09/21 

  • Share out analysis in groups of three 
  • Grade written work at the beginning of class and during presentations 
  • Choose select students to share analysis on document camera 
  • Share my response - field questions 
  • Begin lecture on Transition from Puritans to the Enlightenment 
  • Ask students to share research (extra credit) 
  • No homework if caught up on daily work 

Thursday 09/22 

  • Conclude lecture on Post Puritans - Rationalists (students take notes
  • Artistic / Thematic Analysis of BenjaminWest painting on page 87 in primary text
  • Discuss the concept of The Age of Reason and the Enlightenment
  • Related Question: How are Rationalistic and Deistic ideologies manifested within the piece? Consider color, lighting, perspective, imagery, the visage, symbolism, etc..   
  • Students work in small groups in order to prepare a comprehensive analytical paragraph analysis of the painting

Friday 09/23  

  • Share paragraphs - read aloud and provide document camera for viewing
  • Break students into 4 groups 
  • All students will read their assigned sections and prepare a five minute lesson to present to a small group of their peers. Additional reading and tasks may be associated with each group. 

Group 1 read Franklin Biography on pages 84-85 - Also research Franklin using phones in attempt to glean additional information  to supplement you lesson 

Group 2 read from The Autobiography on pages 86 to the top of 92 (Arriving at Moral Perfection) Create time line and teach at least 3 key quotes 

Group 3 read from Arriving at Moral Perfection 92 - 94. Explain the ideology / methodology as well as the virtue chart and all the virtues 

Group 4 read Sayings of Poor Richard on page 95. Create three additional sayings of your own and teach them with the originals  

*Ensure that you keep track of your notes / lesson plans in preparation for Tuesday 09/27 

Monday 09/26 

  • Read pages 100- 105 in class
  • Read pages 114 - 123 in class       

Address the following question in a cohesive paragraph that includes direct textual evidence from each primary source Henry / Jefferson:

*Question - How are Enlightenment ideologies made manifest within both Patrick Henry's speech and Declaration of Independence? Please be specific in your logic and support your response with at least one instance of direct textual evidence from each reading.

*Assignment due Wednesday 09/28  

Use the following  links  for remote access: Patrick Henry's Speech to the Virginia Convention  from The Declaration of Independence  

Tuesday 9/27 

  • Meet with large groups on Franklin Lesson Prep 
  • Prepare lesson as large group 
  • Explain the content inclusion of the unit exam  

Wednesday 09/28 

  • Collect  and Review paragraph responses 
  • Students present Franklin Lesson in small groups 
  • Prepare for unit exam 

Thursday 09/29

  • Unit exam on Beginnings to Declaration  (22 Points / Summative) 
  • When students are completed with the exam they are to observe the painting The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone Thomas Moran on pages 136-137 of the primary text 
  • Take notes on observations on Tone / Mood / Emphasis / Scale / Colors....

Friday 09/30 

  • Discussion on analytical writing 
  • Emphasis placed on identifying and articulating central meaning / message 
  • Theis development exercise 

Monday 10/03 

  • Review thesis statements on document camera 
  • Lesson on topic sentences and body paragraphs 
  • Collective writing of a body paragraph on color 
  • Students write remaining body paragraphs on / scale / subject matter / emphasis....
  • Review writing samples on document camera
  • Each student should have all three topic sentences completed as homework for tomorrow 

Tuesday 10/04 - Wednesday 10/05 

  • Analytical Writing Practice 
  • First installment of lecture on the American Romantic Period 
  • Discussion and diagramming of the parts and expectations of the 5 paragraph analysis essay 
  • Distribution of literary terms packet and 10 steps to poetry explication handout 
  • Class reading of the poem Thanatopisis from text pages 171-172 
  • Begin initial explication of poem

 Thursday 10/06 

  • Begin deconstruction of the poem in class 
  • Discussion of essay requirements and major facets of the process 
  • Prepare students for essay construction

Friday 10/07 

  • Students work in groups of three or less to begin the writing of an in-class essay 
  • Students should consider provided rubric, notes and handouts, and instructions on the board when completing this task 

Monday 10/10 

  • Work with student on in-class group essay 
  • Essay due for submission tomorrow 

Tuesday 10/11 

  • Read Rip Van Winkle on pages 152-165 in primary text in class.
  • Finish reading in primary text or online as homework for Friday  
  • Address select text questions 3, 4, and 5 on primary text page 166 or as noted in paragraph form. 

1. What details in the story do you think reveal a Romantic fascination with the past and nature? Please provide specific textual references as you address. 

2. Irving was both a Romantic and Satirist. What elements of the story - including the narrators commentaries - are satirical? Who or what does Irving target with his satire? Please integrate specific textual references in your response.

3. What is the theme of this story? 

Wednesday 10/12

  • Literary discussion on Rip Van Winkle 
  • Discuss common discrepancies in  essays 
  • Norm select student examples 

Thursday 10/13 

  • Pass back graded essays 
  • students apply select modifications as noted 
  • No weekend homework for students that are up-to-date on coursework 

Monday 10/17  

  • Introduce Dark Romanticism, Gothic Literature, and Poe (students take notes) 
  • *Read 258 - 279 The Fall of the House of Usher in class (finish in class tomorrow) / Students may also listen to an audio version of the story on linked version
  • Students should be prepared for select reading quiz on Wednesday  

Tuesday 10/18  

  • Complete select tasks associated with The Fall of the House of Usher
  • Use linked version to complete reading or listening of the text
  • Prepare for reading assessments tomorrow 

Wednesday 10/19

  • Select reading assessments and tasks:
  • All students address question 7  on page 280 of the primary text. Please do so in paragraph form and utilize direct textual in your response
  • Question 7: Poe said that the poem / song "The Haunted Palace" is meant to suggest a disordered brain. How might the whole story be read as an allegory of a journey into the human mind? What could the final fall of the house represent? Use your poetry explication sheet to aid in your design and documentation of a comprehensive response. 

In addition, students should address one of the following tasks:

1. Draw Roderick Usher based on the description provided in the story. Include and label at least 10 key features from the text.

2. Address the question on symbols on page 280. Answer in paragraph form and use at least 3 instances of direct textual evidence. Students have been instructed to take a picture of this question due to its atypical lengthiness. 

3. Develop your own literary analysis question. Provide a one paragraph response and integrate direct textual evidence  into your response. 

Thursday 10/20   

  • Subsets share our and present select tasks from yesterday 
  • Brief lecture on the American Romantic Hero 
  • Background on the film The Last of the Mohicans  

Friday 10/21 - Tuesday 10/25   

  • View film 
  • Select lecture and discussion
  • Students should complete preparation for graded discussion in class tomorrow
  • Distribute 7 discussion questions: Please use data, logic, analogies, and personal experience as you prepare.  
  • Complete prep notes as homework 

Wednesday 10/26 

  • Graded discussion (pre-transcendentalism reading) 

Thursday 10/27 

  • Students read section on the American Renaissance 1840-1860 in primary pages 206-214 (take notes) + read bio on Emerson and from Nature 216-221
  • Students that do not complete the reading in class may look up Chapter 1 (from Nature) by Ralph Waldo Emerson, check a book out, or come during BEAR Time


Question 1: What does Emerson mean when he says. "Few adult persons can see nature."? 

Question 2: Explain and elaborate on the Emersonian concept of "The Transparent Eyeball" 

In both instances, students should respond in a cohesive paragraph that includes properly integrated direct textual evidence. Responses should not exceed 1/2 page per each. 

Friday 10/28 

  • All students report directly to Lab 3 in hall 3 for a presentation directed by Mrs. Boeltz today. 

 Monday 10/31 

  • Literary discussion on Emerson 
  • Read from Self-Reliance in class and discuss key concepts 
  • When reading is finished students should complete select tasks in a small group (4 or less) 
  • Chose and document one key quote from the read / Write an analytical paragraph response that addresses the significance of the chosen quote
  • Adress questions 4 and 5 on page 228 of the primary text by preparing notes to orally respond   

Tuesday 11/01 

  • Students read Thoreau Bio in class from text 230-231
  • Students read from Walden in primary text 233-244 
  • Respond to assigned question 1,2,3,4,5 on page 246 (students should document their question for preparation)
  • Students have been encouraged to utilize supplementary online sources to aid in their completion of the question that they have been tasked with
  • Tomorrow students will be graded on a jigsaw share-out of select question 

Wednesday 11/02 

  • Jigsaw share-out of Walden responses (Graded) 
  • P2 and P4 presents Self-Reliance quotes 

Thursday 11/03 

  • Students read Young Goodman Brown  aloud  in class (PDF copy provided)  
  • Students locate and identify (highlight) imbedded thesis within the story and write a thematic statement on the significance / meaning of their chosen selection) 
  • Students address the following question: How are Puritans portrayed in this reading? Why? What point was Hawthorne trying to make? 
  • Students finish reading as homework assignment 
  • Highlighted thesis check with statement of explication will be checked upon arrival tomorrow / Friday 

Friday 11/04 

  • Grade work related to YGB
  • View Braving Alaska 

Monday 11/07 

  • Finish viewing Braving Alaska 
  • Romanticism Exam Review 

Tuesday 11/08 

  • American Romanticism Exam - 25 Points 
  • Open notes / no curve 

Wednesday 11/09 - Thursday 11/10

  • Distribute The Scarlet Letter 
  • SSR Day: students carefully read Chapters 1-3 in class and / or as homework 

Address the following tasks in your notes:

1. Take notes on key characters / create a chart and include page numbers of key aspects of description 

2. Take notes on symbols. For instance "the black flower" and "the rose bush"

3. Address the following prompt in notes: How does Hawthorne portray the Puritans in chapter 2? Please locate and document three instances of direct textual evidence as you complete this task

  • Be prepared for assessment and discussion upon my return on Thursday + notes check 


Friday 11/11 

  • No school for Veteran's Day - Check homework from Thursday 

Monday 11/14

  • Quiz on Chapters 1-3 
  • Students present characterization tasks / act out key scenes 
  • Read and Discuss the beginning of Chapter 4 in class
  • Students read Chapters 4 and 5 as homework 

 Tuesday 11/15

  • Literary discussion 
  • Students read Chapter 6 as homework

Wednesday 11/16 

  • Quiz and literary discussion on Pearl 
  • Students read / share out key analysis and observations based on characteristics and symbolism 

Homework for Thursday: 

1. Please carefully read Chapters 7 and 8

2. Select one key quote from the either one of the chapters and document it in your notebook (this can relate to symbolism, characterization. theme, symbolism, or plot development) 

3. Write an analytical paragraph wherein you deconstruct the quote and illuminate the meaning and / or importance of it

4. Select a theme that is made manifest in one or both of the chapters / write a few sentences in elaboration of your choice

5. Document 2 open-ended analysis questions related to this reading

Thursday 11/17  

  • Student led literary discussion based on homework 
  • Student share out of analysis based on homework 
  • No Homework 

Friday 11/18 

  • SSR Day 
  • Read Chapter 9 by Monday 
  • No Homework - but you may wish to read ahead today if the opportunity presents itself

Monday 11/21

  • Literary discussion on Chapter 9 in SL 
  • Partially read and analyze Chapter 10 in class (students take notes on symbolism / content) 
  • Read Chapters 10-11 as homework (take notes as needed) 
  • Prepare for literary discussion tomorrow

 Tuesday 11/22 - Monday 12/12  

  • Students will receive instructional leadership from substitute Mr. Chamberlain 
  • Finish the Scarlet Letter and ensure a comprehensive analytical understand of the text 
  • Close readings of select passages 
  • Prepare and begin analysis essay 
  • Students are encouraged to complete a draft over the weekend if they would like to receive comprehensive instructor feedback on Monday 

For Monday 12/12 

  • Final in-class essay for day on Monday (Computers will be provided) 
  • Students may bring in completed  final draft for instructor review 
  • Mr. Bach will provide individual feedback on student essays 
  • Please be very careful not to plagiarize any aspect of this paper - cite all sources including ideas gleaned from secondary sources or websites

Consider the following while you prepare your essay:

  1. Essay should be typed in 12 font / TNR / Single Spaced / and be submitted (by hand) at the beginning of the class period
  2. Answer all of the prompt 
  3. Topic sentences are clearly focused and evidence a cause and effect relationship
  4. Focus on analysis and avoid narrative  
  5. Use direct textual evidence in each body paragraph to support your logic and ideas 

Tuesday 12/13 

  • Read text pages 409-422 in class (take notes and prepare for lecture)
  • Final draft essays are due for graded submission 
  • Bring Literary terms packet and step for poetry explication to class for tomorrow 

Wednesday 12/14 

  • Explicate the poem The Black Riders  in class as part of lecture / Construct a thematic statement 
  • Students take notes / ask questions / remain attentive 
  • Work in groups to conduct the process
  • Students should be prepared to write a full statement of explication in class in their groups by Friday 

Thursday 12/15

  • Review common discrepancies in SL Essay 

1. Limited Thesis Statements: Do not address central message or theme 

2. Incomplete or narrative topic sentences 

3. Improper integration of direct textual evidence / Improper punctuation of direct textual evidence 

4. Narrative body paragraphs. These like a summary of events

  • Distribute examples and deconstruct 
  • *Any student wishing to improve their grade on this essay must identify three areas of improvement in their own writing and submit a typed explanation of that articulates this understanding as well as provide a revised (typed) writing sample that evidences a renewed understanding. For instance, students may wish to type a new introduction (with thesis) and a complete body paragraph (with evidence) 
  • *Due tomorrow by the end of the school day 

Friday 12/16

  • Students work in groups to write statement of explication for "The Black Riders"
  • Due at the end of the class period
  • No homework over break  

Tuesday 01/03

  • Lecture on the Realist Literary Period 
  • Students take note and ask questions
  • Select readings from The Red Badge of Courage and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn to compliment lecture

Wednesday 01/04

  • Review how to access Final Exam Study Guide with students 
  • Encourage students to print off hard copy and assess preparedness 
  • Offer students help on individual preparation before or after school (effective immediately) 
  • Students should read the short story An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge in class / and finish as homework
  • In addition, students should locate and transcribe a key quote from the story that they feel holds promise for an analytical response
  • Finally, students should write an analytical response that comments directly on the content, style, and/or ow the passage is reflective of the philosophical / ideological concepts related to the literary period. For instance, students may wish to consider Determinism, Naturalism, Ironist ideologies, and or Regionalism when addressing this task  
  • Students will participate in a jigsaw share out tomorrow in class. Products will be collected and graded. 

Thursday 01/05  

  • Review analysis of Owl Creek 
  • Distribute example and deconstruct 
  • Discuss style 
  • Collect student analysis 
  • Begin Life on the Mississippi if time permits 
  • No homework 

 Friday 01/06 

  • Read Life on the Mississippi in class 
  • Provide lesson on the writing of a thematic statement 
  • Encourage students to print and review a copy of the final exam study guide as they prepare for final in 3 weeks 

 Monday 01/09 

  • Present additional lesson on Regionalism 
  • Provide students with template for thematic statement 
  • Students finish reading Life on the Mississippi in class 
  • Electronic access for this section can be located on-line by searching for (Chapter 9 of Life on the Mississippi) 

Tuesday 01/10

  • Discussion of Regionalism in context 
  • Students complete thematic statement for Life on the Mississippi 

Wednesday 01/11

  • Collect completed Statements of Theme 
  • Show examples to P2 / P4 
  • Read P2 and P4 from Huck Finn - discuss regional dialect 
  • Read from The Narrative of Frederick Douglass 
  • Address question 7 in primary text in notes form (page 430) 

Thursday 01/12 - Friday 01/13 

  • Distribute copies of Stephen Crane's The Blue Hotel 
  • Students read and analyze the work under the following lens: 

Consider Symbolism as well as the thematic manifestation of  Naturalistic and Ironist ideologies

  • Prepare notes and document supporting direct textual evidence to prepare for a written analysis

On Tuesday 01/17 all students will be evaluated their writing as related to this work 

Prepare by doing the following:

  1. Carefully read the The Blue Hotel (Students that have been absent or have not finished with the reading are expected to complete it by Tuesday 01/17 - electronic copies are widely available 
  2. Ensure an understanding of related terms / lens 
  3. Take notes and document DTE based on the above mentioned lens
  4. Consider on-line analysis of the work (print copies at your discretion)
  5. Understand and consider the stylistic expectations of a thematic statement

All students will have access to a hard copy of the story on Tuesday as well as their notes and a copy of our primary textbook 

Students may bring in their own supplementary analysis from secondary sources if they are printed but will not be permitted with electronic access

Tuesday 01/17 

  • In-class writing assessment on The Blue Hotel 

Wednesday 01/18 

  • Final Exam Review Day 

Thursday 01/19

  • Follow-up and deconstruction of theme for The Blue Hotel 
  • Students may re-write this thematic statement for the possibility of an increased grade mark after they have conferenced with me
  • All re-writes due before final exams next week. 
  • Begin lecture on Modernism (students should take notes and engage / World War One and Freudian Theory / Structuralism were covered Thursday and Friday) 

Friday 01/20 

  • Lecture on Modernism (World War One / Structuralism) 

Monday 01/23

  • Continue lecture on Modernism 

Tuesday 01/24 - Wednesday 01/25 

  • Study for Finals / Review Session 

Thursday 01/26 - Friday 01/27

  • Semester Final Exam 

Monday 01/30 

  • Begin Modernist Poetry Unit / EE Cummings 
  • Teach Buffalo Bill's 
  • Pass out example statement of explication (SoE)
  • Students read as homework if we do not cover in class

Tuesday 01/31 

  • Distinguish select poems into numbers 
  • Place students in groups to read, analyze, and document information on selected poem 
  • Students prep for the writing of SoE

Wednesday 02/01

  • Student group work day on Cummings' Poem SoE
  • Students should be prepared to be assessed on Jigsaw instruction tomorrow 
  • Typed and Finalized Statement of Explication due Friday  

Thursday 02/02 

  • Student led poetry instruction - EE Cummings 
  • All hard copy / typed Statements of Explication due tomorrow 

Friday 02/03 

  • Group reading of poem 
  • Group reading  of SoE 
  • Final opportunity for class questions and notes
  • Typed statements due Monday 

 Monday 02/06 - Tuesday 02/07 

  • School Cancelled due to weather 

Wednesday 02/08 

  • Continuation of Poems Presentations 
  • Students submit formal statements of explication for grading 

Thursday 02/09 

  • Lesson on the Hemingway Iceberg Theory and The Lost Generation 
  • Read Hills Like White Elephants 
  • Students complete select questions 

Friday 02/10 

  •  Lecture prep for The Big Two-Hearted River:
  1. The Code Hero (Nick Adams) 
  2. Moral Prescriptivism 
  3. The Importance of Process / Ritual 
  4. Ask students about ritual - examples 
  • Begin TBTHR

Monday 02/13 - Tuesday 02/14

  • Students SSR
  • Finish TBTHR for Tuesday class
  • Prepare notes on ritual / writing style / MP / Code Heroism 

 Wednesday 02/15 

  • Discussion on The Big Two-Heart 
  • Students complete written assessment 

Thursday 02/16

  • Debriefing of the writing task on "The Big Two-Hearted River"
  • Pass back graded work (students that wish to rewrite may do so for an increased score after instructor conference) 
  • SSR "The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber" 

Friday 02/17  

  • Discussion on "Macomber"  

 Monday 02/20 - Tuesday 02/21 

  • No School / Mid-Winter Break       

Wednesday 02/22

Students choose groups of 3-4 and are assigned a select poem, artistic piece, or song associated with the Harlem Renaissance 

Students should work with their group and design a 5-7 minute presentation in order to teach the class the work

1. McKay - America 743-744

2. Cullen - Tableau 746-747

3. Cullen - Incident 746 and 748 

4. Hughes - The Weary Blues 760-763

5. Hughes - Harlem 760-763 + 764

6. Hughes - I, Too 733

Or, an appropriate song or work/s of art representative of the period 

Thursday 02/23

  • Student Presentation Work Day 
  • Presentations due Friday (Tomorrow) 02/24 
  • Please email or share presentation to rbach@osd.wednet.edu 

Friday 02/24 

  • Stundet Presentations 

Monday 02/27 

  • Juniors begin registration with Counseling department (30 minutes conducted in P7)
  • Continue / Finish presentations on HR

Tuesday 02/28 

  • Students view documentary: Our Century America's Time 1920-1929 From Boom to Bust
  • Student that are not present in class should view the first 30 minutes of this documentary at home as review for the exam 
  • Take notes as instructed 

Wednesday 03/01 

  • Exam on Modernism: All reading and Lecture (Open Notes) 
  • Distribute the trade text The Great Gatsby 
  • Students should read Chapters 1 and 2 as homework for Friday 
  • Take notes on characters and characterization 
  • Prepare for related assessment on Friday  

Thursday 03/02

  • Artistic analysis (Francis Cugat / The Great Gatsby
  • Related discussion - graded on engagement / performance 
  • Close reading of the first two pages 
  • Students take notes 
  • Refer to Wednesday schedule for Friday homework

Friday 03/03 

  • Assessment on characterization  
  • Literary discussion 


Monday 03/06

  • Discussion on the concept of the American Dream 
  • Quiz / Discussion on Myrtle Wilson: Appearance / Attitudes and Behaviors / and Symbolic representation 
  • Read chapter 3 as homework - attempt to visualize the scene 

Tuesday 03/07  

  • Studnets prepare and teach lesson on Gatsby Chapters 2 and 3 

1. Character analysis Gatsby 

2. Character analysis Jordan 

3. Symbolism  "Owl Eyes" 

4. Symbolism "Billboard Eyes"

5. Party (Guests)

6. Party (Events)


Wednesday 03/08 

  • Careful reading and analysis of Chapter 4 in Gatsby 
  • Students finish as homework 
  • Please complete the reading of Chapters 5-6-7 by Monday 03/13 

Thursday 03/09

  • Lecture on Chapter 4 and begin reading and analysis of Chapter 5 

Friday 03/10 

  • SSR day / Complete Select readings for Monday 

Monday 03/13

  • Assign teaching tasks to student groups / students prepare lesson with visual aid

1. The concept of the green light 

2. Dan Cody / Gatsby relationship 

3. Tom and Gatsby 

4. New vs. Old Wealth 

5. Analysis of Chapter 7 (Timeline) 

6. Gatsby and Daisy Meeting (mansion) 

7. The Wilsons 

Tuesday 03/14  

  • Students teach lessons 
  • Graded as a test / summative 

Wednesday 03/15 

  • Final discussion on Gatsby 

Thursday 03/16 

  • Students write all or a portion of in-class essay practice exam 
  • Submit by the end of the period 

Friday 03/17 

  • In class Essay Prep
  • Deconstruction of practice prompts 

Monday 03/20 

  • In class Essay Exam
  • No Homework 

 Tuesday 03/21 - Thursday 03/23

  • View Film (The Great Gatsby)

Friday 03/24 

  • Gatsby Essay Debrief 
  • Re-writes accepted after instructor conference / Due by Friday 03/31/2017 

Monday: 03/27 

  • Deliver brief lecture on Post-Modernism with emphasis on 1950's and science fiction genre
  • Student read Ray Bradbury's The Veldt in class 
  • Students should address key analysis questions (on projector) as homework in paragraph form
  • Assignment due tomorrow at class time. 

 Tuesday 03/28

  • Students research the nature of the Southern Gothic Literature online (sources provided)
  • SSR - A Good Man is Hard to Find 
  • Prepare for assessment 

Wednesday 03/29 

  • Lesson on Southern Gothic Lit 
  • Analysis of key quote and concept "Jesus thrown everything off balance" 

Thursday 03/30 

  • Reading of Where are you Going, Where have you been? 
  • Please take notes in notebook (notes will be graded and needed for tomorrow) 

1. Symbols / Symbolism (use your best literary / analytical judgment on this)

2. Document a few key quotes (ones that could yield extended analysis) 

3. Document a central meaning or three specific  questions that you have at the conclusion of the reading.

Friday 03/31

  • Literary discussion on Where are you Going...

 Monday 04/10 

  • Distribute anticipation discussion guides for novels 
  • Students should prepare notes for graded discussion on Wednesday 04/12 
  • Students carefully read the following sections from select novel by Thursday 04/13 

Cuckoo's Nest: Chapters 1-3 

Part Time Indian: Pages 1-45 

Tuesday 04/11 

  • Students report to Hall 1 Computer Lab for class today 

Wednesday 04/12 

  • Graded discussion 

Thursday 04/13 

  • Select reading assessment (Quiz) 
  • Instructor analysis with students 
  • Distribute lesson plan handout and design groups 
  • Students should read all of Part 1 in Cuckoo's Nest or up to page 107 in Part Time Indian by Thursday April 20th 
  • Come prepared with questions and specific literary observations based on the required reading

Friday 04/14 

  • Lesson Prep day 
  • Lesson due for jigsaw teaching on Monday 
  • If you want me to make make handout copies for your lesson please give them to me by Monday morning ( 7:30 or before)  

Monday 04/17 

  • Students teach jigsaw lesson / graded 6 point test 
  • I will check lesson prep notes and observe instructional delivery

Tuesday 04/18 - Wednesday 04/19 

  • SSR Day Periods 1 and 2 (Tuesday) / Period 4 (Wednesday) 
  • Students should read, take notes, and prepare for graded discussion on Thursday 04/20

Consider the following: 

1. Key events, occurrences, passages, and/or symbols 

2. Apt literary analysis 

3. Original questions  

Thursday 04/20 

  • Conduct graded discussion 

Friday 04/21 

  • Introduce Final Project and related requirements 



Dates and assignments below subject to change


Thursday 04/21 

  • Read "Cotton Mill" section in Cuckoo's Nest (pages 38-40) 
  • Read "Combine" section (page 40) 
  • Literary discussion on these two sections 
  • View on You Tube ("Lobotomy Walter Freeman 5:12" and "ECT 5:12 Mary")  
  • Characterization Mapping Exercise 
  • Students should read Chapter 6 as homework for tomorrow 

Friday 04/22

  • Read Chapter 7 in class 
  • Finish the viewing on Walter Freeman (Lobotomy) in Period 6 
  • Students read Chapters 7-8-9-10 as homework for Wednesday
  • Monday Students complete characterization chart in groups 

Monday 04/25

  • Students read Chapters 7-8-9-10 for Wednesday 04/27 
  • Work on characterization charting today in class / Finish by the next class period 

Tuesday 04/26 

  • Characterization Jigsaw Preparation 
  • In unison with the instructor, students create a list of key characters within the novel 
  • Create groups to complete an in-depth study of 3-4 characters 
  • Students collaborate in small groups in order to prepare a presentation to share with peers 

Wednesday 04/27

  • Jigsaw Presentation 

 Thursday 04/28 

  • 35 Minute Class Periods 
  • SSR 
  • Students complete the reading of Part 1 in Cuckoo's Nest for tomorrow 
  • Prepare for written assessment tomorrow 

Friday 04/29 

  • Students complete written assessment on Part 1 
  • Discussion of key concepts (students participate and take notes) 
  • Read pages 149-166 (tall version) 129-144 (short version) as homework (in each case these sections are the first chapters of part 2. 
  • Students read and annotate the packet on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs (ensure that you fully understand the concepts) 
  • Students that were not in class should locate web material on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, and print, annotate, and submit the material - Monday at class time 
  • Prepare to be assessed on assigned reading. 

Monday 05/02 

  • Quiz and literary discussion on select reading as notes for Friday 
  • Explain student lesson assignment to students:
  1. Students carefully read the remainder of Part 2 in Cuckoo' Nest 
  2. Students prepare a 5-7 minute lesson based on the reading to present to 4 of their peers on Thursday 05/05 
  3. Students submit typed lesson plans to the instructor after presentation (Friday 05/06) 

Presentations are informal but should serve to increase the engagement and /or understanding of the novel to peer groups. Consider  the following areas for individual studies:

  1. The identification and manifestation of theme 
  2. Literary Symbolism and analysis of select symbol / passage thereunto related 
  3. Turning points 
  4. Language / Stylistics / Kesey 
  5. Research based lesson (Mental Hospitals / Counter-Cultural / Treatment Methods / Psychology...others?) 
  6. Research based on journal articles or online sources 

Tuesday 05/03 - Wednesday 05/04 

  • SSR and instructor conferencing 
  • Students prepare short lesson 
  • Presentation and related documents graded as a 10 Point Test (Due Friday) 
  • Students should complete reading of Part 3 by Tuesday May 17th and Finish the book by Thursday May 19th 

Thursday 05/05 

  • Student write in-class essay (Argumentative / Use of Evidence) 
  • Students should finish Part 3 by Tuesday May 17th and finish the book by Thursday May 19th  

Friday 05/06

  • Student Presentations / 10 Points Summative 
  • Students should finish Part 3 by Tuesday May 10th and Finish the book by Thursday May 12th 

Monday 05/09 

  • Students read and explicate The Pow Wow at the End of the World 
  • Submit statements of explication by the end of the class period 
  • Finish reading Part 3 by Tuesday May 10th / Tomorrow / Prepare for discussion or assessment 

Tuesday 05/10 

  • Literary discussion on Part 3 - Students participate and take notes 
  • Finish the novel by Thursday 05/12 

Wednesday 05/11 

  • SSR Day 
  • Finish the novel by tomorrow 

Thursday 05/12

  •  Final graded discussion and quiz on Cuckoo's Nest 

Friday 05/13

  • FRQ Prep 
  • Cuckoo's Nest FRQ Essay Exam on Monday (students that have not finished the text should do so) 

Monday 05/16 

  • FRQ Essay Exam 

Tuesday 05/17

  • Review FRQ Essay Requirements 
  • Pass back graded work and FRQ Essays 
  • Provide handout and full introduction of final project 
  • Students should identify and gather resource materials for final project this weeks 
  • Begin MAP resource materials interview on Monday 05/23 - Wednesday 05/25th 

Wednesday 05/18 

  • Begin viewing the film One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 
  • Pass out project topic cards - students fill out with their name and a topic (once approved in Skyward students should begin to allocate resources)
  •  Students should discuss options with instructor ASAP 

Thursday and Friday 05/19 - 05/20 

  • Continue the viewing of film 
  • Students allocate resources for final project 
  • All sections report directly to Mac Lab (Hall 3) for Monday Class 

Monday 05/23  

  • All sections report to Mac. Lab Hall 3 for class today 
  • Students acquire and print source material for MAP Project 
  • Begin meetings with students for document interview 
  • continue document interviews tomorrow and Wednesday 

Tuesday 05/24 

  • Class work and conference day 
  • Students meet with instructor in attempt to allocate project resources 
  • Continuation of document interviews 

Wednesday 05/25 

  • Library work day 
  • Students check out hard copy books / texts 
  • Continue document interviews 

Thursday 05/26

  • Document reading and interview day
  • Students meet with instructor with hard copy project resources
  • Tomorrow is the last last day for document checks
  • All sections meet in the library for document interviews / reading / annotation of texts  

Friday 05/27 

  • Library work day 
  • Document interviews 
  • Reading and annotation of sources 

Tuesday 05/31

  • Class will be held in the regular classroom (P7) 
  • Cart / SSR day 
  • All students should be able to present hard copy samples of their project resources by tomorrow 

Wednesday 06/01 

  • Class will be held in the regular classroom (P7) No computers available today / SSR - Annotate   
  • Last day for students to receive credit for resources interview (Test 10 Points) 

Thursday 06/02 

  • Discussion on the requirements for annotated bibliography portion of the assignment 
  • Help students with citations 
  • SSR and work day 
  • Class will be held in Mac Lab Hall 3 tomorrow 

Friday 06/03 

  • Student work day / Mac Lab Hall 3 

 Monday 06/06 - Friday 06/10 

  • Student work and instructor conferences 
  • Class will be held in the Mac Lab in Hall 3 on Monday,  June 6th and Wednesday, June 8th 
  • Completed final project (in all parts) due on Monday, June 13th - printed and ready for inspection and final grading   

Monday 06/13 - Tuesday 06/14 

  • Collect Final Annotated Bibliographies and Outlines 
  • Grade final products / Meet with students to discuss grades 

Wednesday 06/15 - Friday 06/17

  • Student Presentation of Final Project