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Wednesday 09/07 

  • Attendance 
  • Distribute handout Syllabus and Performance Rubric
  • Distribute Student Senate Documents and explain
  • Students carefully read Syllabus and Performance Rubric as homework and document questions in need of clarification 
  • Distribute Lord of the Flies LOTF Anticipation Guide 
  • Model the process of completion 
  • Students complete in-class (*finish as homework) *prepare for graded discussion tomorrow 
  • Possible small group discussion if ample time is noted 

Thursday 09/08

  • Picture Day 
  • Student Senate Voting 
  • Question and answer period on course syllabus 
  • Check and grade student prep notes on LOTF sheet 
  • Graded Group Discussion / Based on the LOTF Ant. Guide

Friday 09/09 

  • Assign Seats 
  • Continuation of group discussion until complete
  • Define key points and expectations 
  • Distribute primary text Lord of the Flies (LOTF)
  • Possible activity (Jacket cover analysis)  
  • Begin reading LOTF aloud in class as time permits 
  • No weekend homework! 

Monday 09/12 

  • Continue reading LOTF 
  • Students finish chapters 1 as homework 
  • Students should take note and document page numbers of passages that provide an explanation of the physical description of the island 
  • Students should take note and document the names and traits of each character that they read about in LOTF  

Tuesday 09/13

  • Discuss expectations of mapping project 
  • Students establish groups and create rough draft  (once draft is completed, meet with me for approval and paper distribution) 
  • Bring colored pencils to class tomorrow and other art supplies 
  • Begin Island Mapping Project:
  1. Locate and interpret 10 different specific descriptions of setting in text 
  2. Sketch a draft map that includes all locations noted (correctly oriented) 
  3. Create a map that is spatially appropriate and includes illustrations of all ten of the items there noted
  4. Create a key with scale / compass rose / and page number references for each if the details provided
  5. The final product should be neatly composed, accurate to the text descriptions, and include all of the aforementioned items
  6. Students will present their products to an audience of their peers 
  7. Attempt to add topograpic (contour lines) to mark changes in elevation  

Final Map due for grading on Friday 09/15 

Wednesday 09/14

  • Work on Island Map in-class with partner group 
  • Read Chapter 2 in LOTF as homework 
  • Quiz on Chapters 1 - 2 on Thursday after map presentations 

Thursday 09/15

  • Island Map due at the beginning of the period Tomorrow 
  • Students complete quiz on Chapters 1 - 2
  • Grade quizzes in class  

Friday 09/16

  • Present maps in class 
  • No weekend homework for students that are caught up on work - all grades are up to date 

Monday 09/19

  • SSR Day 
  • Students read Chapter 3 in LOTF
  • Students should locate and document (verbatim) one key passage within the reading (in their notebook)

Choose a passage or quote that: 

1. Reveals something about characterization 

2. Establishes a theme or symbol 

3. *Serves as a metaphor

4. Marks an important shift or turning point 

5. Illuminates another important aspect of analysis 

  • Write a one paragraph analytical summary that explains the context of the quote as well as the analytical importance that it exerts on the chapter 
  • Due tomorrow for grading 

 Tuesday 09/20 

  • Sample and collect graded reading homework 
  • Read and analyze supplemental article: Living Lord of the Flies at Strange Farm in class 
  • students complete select *analytical tasks as notes in class
  • Prepare for article assessment on Monday  

*Please address the following questions by writing a one paragraph response for each. Utilize direct textual evidence from the primary article when formulating your response. 

1. According to the author, what was the initial vision for Strange Farm? That is to say, what do you believe the inhabitants of this place were hoping to achieve? 

2. What did the inhabitants of SF expect their lives to be like? 

3. In your opinion, what do you believe kept their vision from becoming a reality? Consider honing in on three different aspects / conflicts. 

4. What lessons can be gleaned from the Strange Farm experience about children living with a lack of adult guidance and supervision? 

5. In your opinion, was it natural for Drew to become the leader of the other boys? Why or why not? 

Wednesday 09/21

  • Review article homework
  • Begin reading Chapter 4 from LOTF in class 
  • Students finish Chapter 4 as homework
  • Prepare for quiz tomorrow at the beginning of class 

Thursday 09/22

  • Chapter 4 Quiz 
  • Discussion of major events and themes (students take notes)   

Friday 09/23

  • Distribute the article Armed and Underage students take 15 minutes to read and answer the following questions in small groups:

1. Why does the military commander from Chad tell Human Rights Watch that "child soldiers are ideal?" 

2. Beyond the reasons given, what else can you conclude about the effectiveness  of child soldiers? 

3. What perspective does this article give you about yourself and the world you live in? 

4. What does the elder mean (on an analytical level) when he says, "The gun does not know who is young or old?"

Monday 09/26 

  • SSR Day 
  • Read Chapter 5 for tomorrow 
  • Prepare for group story board:

1. Pick one key event from each chapter that we have read thus far 1-5 

2.  Design and draw a key image or scene that captures the essence of each event

 3. Give the slide an appropriate name 

4. Include a key quote that represents the event (with page number) 

Tuesday 09/27

  • Chapter 5 quiz
  • Review quiz / discussion 
  • Check student storyboard entries 
  • Read page 94 and discuss irony 
  • Students read Chapter 6 as homework tonight and complete storyboard entry for it

Wednesday 09/28 

  • Literary discussion on Chapter 6 
  • Begin reading Chapter 7 in class 
  • Characterization discussion on Simon (students take notes) 
  • Students read Chapter 7 tonight as home work
  •  Storyboard entries should be complete for chapters 1-7 by class time tomorrow 

Thursday 09/29 

  • Check storyboard entries for a grade 
  • Quiz on Chapter 7 
  • Discussion on Chapter 7 
  • Students read Chapter 8 as homework 

Additional Chapter 8 homework includes the following:

1. Students should document three specific literary analysis observations.

*These observations should relate to:

  • characterization, symbolism, shifts in plot, imagery, metaphors and / or extended metaphors,
  • and /or literary allusions present noted through their reading and analysis of chapter 8.

2. Students should create a literary question related to their reading of Chapter 8

Friday 09/30 

  • Check student work
  • Literary discussion  on Beelzebub and the Lord of the Flies / Decay / Death and Evil / Simon as a Vector for Truth / etc..
  • Students should read Chapter 9 as homework for Monday 

Monday 10/03 

  • Literary discussion on dynamic and static symbols in LOTF  
  • Students read the article "The New Psychology of Leadership" and address select question based on group allocation 
  • Students should also identify and highlight the primary thesis within the article as well as three instances of direct textual evidence. 
  • Students should also read Chapters 10 and 11 in LOTF by Thursday at class time. 
  • Students should create a storyboard entry for each chapter in the book and should be up-to-date with storyboarding at the time reading is due. 

Tuesday 10/04 

  • Article preparation / Select questions in groups
  • Check student annotations on article
  • Students break into jigsaw groups in order to teach lesson on select question 
  • Article discussion

Wednesday 10/05 

  • SSR Day
  • Complete reading of Chapters 10-11 by tomorrow as well as storyboard entries 
  • Conduct an interview / meeting with each student in order to discuss grades and / or missing assignments 

Thursday 10/06 

  • Literary discussion and quiz on select chapters 
  • Students finish the book as homework + pages 203-208 Notes section 
  • Students should complete storyboard entries for each chapter in the book 
  • Bring art supplies to class tomorrow and begin working on poster 

Friday 10/07 

  • First poster work day 

Poster should include the title / one direct quote / and imagery that evokes interest and represents the text in an comprehensive manner  

  • Students will be graded on poster progress on Monday 10/10 while they test 
  • All storyboards also due for final grading by Monday at class time 
  • Exam Monday (LOTF / 3 Articles / Lecture / Notes) 

 Monday 10/10

  • Bring posters to class tomorrow for initial progress grade 
  • In-class essay exam preparation tomorrow - students take notes 

Tuesday 10/11 

  • Check posters for progress / grade as homework 
  • Begin In-class essay preparation 
  • Show sample prompt and discuss prompt deconstruction process and thesis development 
  • Discuss and teach  the nature of topic sentences as well 
  • Students are expected to take notes, ask questions, and practice the methods 

Wednesday 10/12

  • Continuation of in-class essay preparation 
  • Discuss and teach body paragraphs and the use and effective integration of direct textual evidence 
  • Students are expected to take notes, ask questions, and practice the methods 

Thursday 10/13

  • Distribute and discuss example topic sentences and body paragraphs 
  • Distribute in-class essay prompts
  • Students are encouraged to prepare for in-class essay by choosing a prompt / mapping out a response / locating and documenting evidence / and writing a thesis statement and/ or topic sentences 
  • Optional homework includes the completion of the above-mentioned preparations  

Monday 10/17 

  • In-class essay day 1 
  • Students will write a 5 paragraph literary analysis essay related to our novel Lord of the Flies 
  • Students may use the text, journal articles, notes and handouts, and other necessary materials to complete this task 
  • Instructor support and guidance will be provided throughout the process 
  • Essays must be turned in for safe keeping and review at the end of the class period 
  • Posters due on Thursday for final grade 

Tuesday 10/18 

  • In-class essay day 2 
  • The same as day one with the exception that essays are due for grading at the end of the class period 
  • Posters due on Thursday for final grade 

Wednesday 10/19 

  • Poster Project work day 
  • Posters due tomorrow / Thursday for final grading 

Thursday 10/20 

  • Poster Presentation day 
  • Essay debrief / pass back graded essays 

Friday 10/21 - Monday 10/24 

  • Grade and score essays 
  • View film Lord of the Flies 

Tuesday 10/25

  • Remedial writing lesson 

Wednesday 10/26

  • Continue remedial writing lesson line item by line item on handout 
  • Pass back graded work 
  • Each student will be provided an opportunity to complete a partial essay revision for increased credit
  • Identify Peer Writing Mentors 

Thursday 10/27 

  • Students should take the class period to carefully review their in-class essay with attached rubric and score 
  • Students should self-identify three sections of the essay to revise. Apt choices include:
  1. Attention Getting Introduction
  2. Thesis Statement
  3. Topic Sentences
  4. 1 Body Paragraph (with integrated direct textual evidence)
  5. Conclusion 
  • Students should create a new draft of each of these items (for instance - a thesis, 3 new topic sentences, and one body paragraph) 
  • Use Peer Mentors to aid in the process of writing improvement 
  • Prepare to present revisions to the instructor on Friday 10/28 for an increased grade. 
  • All students are encouraged to come in during BEAR TIME A and / or B for additional one-on-one instruction 

Friday 10/28 

  • Conduct student writing conferences 

Monday 10/31 

  • Conclude final analytical writing meetings in class 
  • Collect all copies of Lord of the Flies 
  • Distribute new copies of Night and begin reading in class 
  • Advise students to document a facet present in the readings to further explore in research 
  • Students should read Chapter 1 in Night as homework for tomorrow 

Students should consider the following topic as they prepare to research for their Night Mini-Lesson:


  • The daily life in a concentration camp / or aspects thereunto pertaining
  • Judaism / Jewish Ceremonies / Religious Terms 
  • Map of the Camps / Geography 
  • People: Mengele / Hitler / Himmler / Wiesel / Others 
  • Nazies / Gestapo 
  • Nuremberg Trials 
  • WWII Timeline / Battles / Key Events 
  • Medically Related Research (what types of issues plagued the prisoners? How where they able to overcome them?)
  • Artwork / Other Literature / Poetry 
  • Others based on interest and relevance

Students are reminded of the significance of the atrocities associated with holocaust and are cautioned to be cautious and sensitive when conducting research and preparing their lesson. Please avoid topics of inquiry that do not honor the suffering and loss associated with these horrific events. 

Tuesday 11/01  

  • Quiz on Chapter 1 
  • Distribute Study Guide/s 
  • Students are presented with a list of 1 of 4 tasks associated with the reading of Chapter 1 / Students count off by 4 
  • Students will prepare as a small group and then as a jigsaw group to present lesson associated with task (based on handout) 
  • Read Chapter 2 as homework 
  • Select groups prepare Chapter Study Tasks for Chapter 2  (based on handout / graded as a 5 point test)

Chapter Study Tasks (completed and presented by select individuals throughout the reading of the novel)

1. Form 2 open ended questions (use my models as an example)

2. Find 2 quotes that you can provide analytical inferences for (include a one paragraph analysis for each)

3. Locate a section in the text that contributes to a given theme. Document page number and explain how theme is manifested)

4. Address the following in your presentation: What is the most important part /or piece of the chapter that you have been assigned? / Why?   

Wednesday 11/02 

  • Select groups present lesson based on preparation 
  • Address reading analysis questions on Study Guide B
  • Select Groups Prepare Chapter Study Tasks for Chapters 3 and 4
  • All students read chapters 3 and 4 for Monday 11/07 - Prepare for assessment 

Thursday 11/03 - Friday 11/04 

  • Web Research Day: Students will chose and document select information related to Night based on interest 
  • Students will prepare a brief lesson with handouts on their chosen topic 
  • Final lessons will be informal (small group setting) and will take 5-7 minutes to deliver to classmates 
  • Each students will submit lesson plans for instructor approval on or before Tuesday 11/08 

Monday 11/07

  • Chapter 3-4 study presentations led by select students  
  • Jigsaw discussion questions based on reading of Chapters 3-4 
  • All students should have mini-unit lessons and related documents prepared for tomorrow 
  • Remember to bring 5 copies of your completed lesson handouts / notes to class or bring a hard copy  to me for processing by 7:30 am tomorrow 
  • Students read chapters 5-6 and prep select lessons for Wednesday 

Tuesday 11/08

  • Student mini-lesson presentations 
  • Read chapters 5-6 for tomorrow 

Wednesday 11/09 

  • Chapter 5-6 quiz 
  • Select students present chapter study assignment to class 

Thursday 11/10 

  • SSR Day 
  • Students complete the book by Monday 11/14
  • Select students present chapter study assignment to class 

Friday 11/11

  • Veteran's Day - No School 

Monday 11/14

  • Final chapter Study presentations 
  • Prepare for Night Unit Exam tomorrow 

Tuesday 11/15

  • Night Exam  

Wednesday 11/16 

  • Literary Analysis Essay Prep Day (Workshop) 
  • Work on deconstruction of the prompt and topic sentence generation 


1. Write a complete introductory paragraph on the practice prompt: 

2. Include an attention getting introduction, name the author and work, and include comprehensive thesis statement

Practice Prompt: 

Consider the novel Night. How do cultural, physical, or geographical surroundings shape psychological or moral traits in a person or group (within the text)? In a well organized essay, analyze how surroundings affect a key person or group as well as how the situation illuminates a message presented within the text as a whole. 

Students that wish to address additional aspects of this prompt (up to and including, addressing the prompt in a completed essay) will have their work evaluated  by me and receive feedback thereunto pertaining. 

 Thursday 11/17 

  • Continuation of Essay Exam Prep. 
  • Focus on Introductions, Thesis Statements, Topic Sentences, and Body paragraphs
  • Distribute the prompts
  • Explain to students that they will be provided with computers tomorrow in class to begin construction of their written response
  • Students should have chosen a prompt to address and mapped out their essay before class starts tomorrow  

 Friday 11/18 

  • In-class Essay work day
  • An additional work day will be provided in order to provide guidance and feedback on Monday 11/21
  • Students that wish to complete essay over the weekend and submit early draft on Monday for review may do so
  • Avoid plagiarism - it's never worth it!
  • Ask peer mentors or instructor for help as needed 

Monday 11/21

  • Essay work day 
  • Printed essays due tomorrow for submission at class time!

Tuesday 11/22

  •  Collect completed printed essay exams (only exams sent to me before 8:00 am this morning or hand delivered at the beginning of class are considered on time) 
  •  Distribute steps for the explication of poetry 
  • Distribute literary terms sheet 
  • Discuss the nature of the next unit (poetry analysis) 
  • Distribute the poem (The Barred Owl
  • Analyze poem as time permits using the steps and literary terms sheet
  • No homework over break 
  • Return to class with all poetry analysis material upon return on Monday 11/28 

Wednesday 11/23 - Monday  12/12

  • Distribute Student poem project handout and explain project in general 
  • Practice the poetry explication process on select poems 
  • Students select a feature poem from Poetry Out Loud website / receive instructor approval / print out / begin explication  

For Monday 12/12 

  • Mr. Bach returns to class from 2 week internship release 
  • All students should have a poem selected and a hard copy printed off for Monday class 
  • Graded instructor conferences on Monday 
  • Students will meet with instructor to prepare for analysis essay 

Tuesday 12/13 - Wednesday 12/14 

  • Work on poem analysis essays
  • Instructor provides individual feedback as needed 
  • Final printed draft due Thursday 12/15 

Thursday 12/15  

  • Poem explication essays due for grading
  • Students begin work on poem presentations    

Friday 12/16 

  • Students continue to work on presentations 
  • No homework over break 

All presentations due for live audience by Thursday 01/05/2017 / This includes memorized oral reading     

Tuesday 01/03 - Wednesday 01/04 

  • Students will be provided with computers to finish creating their poems presentations
  • All students should be prepared to engage in their oral reading and deliver their presentations by Thursday 01/05 
  • Students should print off a clean hard copy of their poems and present them to me by Thursday as well
  • Final presentations should be shared with me on the Google Drive on the folder designated for the purpose
  • Finally, Students that have not yet submitted a poem analysis essay must do so before the Thursday 01/05 deadline 

Thursday 01/05 - Tuesday 01/10

  • Poems Presentations 

Wednesday 01/11 

  • Begin short story unit 
  • Lecture on Magical Realism 
  • Students locate and document definitions to the following terms:
  1. Magical Realism 
  2. Hybridity 
  3. Irony 
  4. Authorial Reticence 
  5. Supernatural 
  6. Natural 
  • Begin reading the story A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings in class 
  • Absent students are encouraged to locate and read an electronic version (which is widely available in numerous forms) 

Thursday 01/12 - Friday 01/13

  • Finish reading AVOMWEW
  • Students complete select questions and tasks as found on specified webpage: A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings - Projects 

Tuesday 01/17

  • Students work on discussion question related t0 AVOMWEW 
  • Questions do at the end of the class period 

Wednesday 01/18 

  • A very Old Man... Project description
  • Meet with student groups in order to determine individualized plan 
  • Final Projects due the day of final exam (for your class period) 

Thursday 01/19 

  • Project work day 

Friday 01/20 Tuesday 01/24 

  • Poetry Final Essay Exam Preparation 
  • Students should prepare a complete introduction for the Poem Daughter  for class on Monday 

Monday 01/23 - Wednesday 01/25 

  • Complete draft of Daughter essay as homework 
  • We will analyze essay drafts tomorrow in class
  • Final Exam Essay Prep 

Thursday 01/26 - Friday 01/27 

  • Final Essay Exams (The Century Quilt) 

Monday 01/30  

  • Follow-up with expectations for Essay Exam FRQ / Recap 
  • Pass back graded essay exams and allow students an opportunity to review 
  • Students present final project for AVOMWEW

Tuesday 01/31

  • Read "Shooting an Elephant in class"
  • Assign group questions 
  • Students contribute in group discussion and complete related tasks 
  • Prepare written responses and lesson for jigsaw teaching

Wednesday 02/01 

  • Students work on group response formulation of discussion question responses (due tomorrow)
  • Students prepare to discuss responses in small group setting 

Thursday 02/02

  • Stundet group discussion / graded 
  • Submit analysis paragraphs 
  • Students began prep for socratic discussion - pre for The Metamorphosis 

Friday 02/03 

  • Socratic Seminar (Preparation for Kafka) 
  • Students will be evaluated on their response to open ended statements 

Monday 02/06 - Tuesday 02/07 

  • School closed due to weather 

Wednesday 02/08

  • Begin reading The Metamorphosis online in class  

Thursday 02/09 

  • Discussion on the Metamorphosis 
  • Stundet Jigsaw teaching / discussion 
  • Students will be graded on performance
  • Students finish their reading of The Metamorphosis for class Monday 

Friday 02/10  

  • SSR Day - Finish The Metamorphosis for Monday 02/13
  • Prepare for reading assessment 

Monday 02/13 

  • Written Assessment on The Metamorphosis 

Tuesday 02/14

  • Review and pass back writing expectations on The Metamorphosis prompt 
  • Begin preparation for graded guided discussion (Socratic Seminar)

Wednesday 02/15 

  • Socratic Seminar: Prescription Drugs Misuse /Reliance on Technology / Media Bias / Government Control .... (as related to the reading of F-451) 

Thursday 02/16 

  • SSR "The Veldt" 

Friday 02/17 

  • Discussion on "The Veldt" 

Monday 02/20 - Tuesday 02/21 

  • Mid-Winter Break 

Wednesday 02/22

  • Distribute student copies of F-451 
  • Begin reading F-451 in class 
  • Students read up to page 18 as homework 
  • Students should keep track / document character names and select traits

Thursday 02/23 

  • Quiz and literary discussion on first reading 
  • Begin reading pages 18-20 (conduct select clarification of content and style) 
  • Students read Part 1 in F-451 as homework for Monday class 
  • SSR Day tomorrow - bring book 

Friday 02/24 

  • SSR Day 
  • Complete reading of Part 1 / Prepare for select assessment on Monday 

Monday 02/27

  • Group tasks and presentations related to analysis and explanation of Part 1 of F-451 

Tuesday 02/28 

  • Begin reading and literary discussion of Part 2 
  • Students read to the bottom of  page 91 "You could feel the war getting ready..." as homework for Wednesday  

Wednesday 03/01 

  • Quiz and literary discussion 
  1. Prepare for passage deconstruction tomorrow. 
  2. Carefully read and analyze the second and third paragraphs on page 83
  3. Explain the "Wax Moon Face" phenomenon that Faber suggests is ever-preent in modern world 
  4. Do you see the manifestation of this in your society today? How or why? Be specific. 

Thursday 03/02  

  • Students discuss / provide select analysis of paragraphs on page 83 
  • Write comprehensive response in class 

Homework (Due Friday)

  • Finish reading Part 2 in F-451 
  • Complete 2 of the 3 following tasks associated with reading:

1. Create one authentic analysis question (this questions should yield an extended response)

2. Choose one key quote from the reading and document it in your notes - stand prepared to provide verbal analysis 

3. Draw one key picture or representative picture (or image) of a key event from the reading - stand prepared to provide verbal analysis 

Friday 03/03 

  • Share out of homework tasks in jigsaw groups
  • No weekend homework if caught up 
  • Use the weekend to catch if you are falling behind

Monday 03/06 

  • Brief follow-up discussion from Friday  (Student drawing) 
  • Read the beginning of Part 3 in class
  • Students read up to page 142 for homework: "During the night he thought"
  • Prepare for select reading activity 

Tuesday 03/07  

  • Students prepare group mini-lesson for jigsaw teaching tomorrow:

1. Themes of the 1950's

2. Symbols / Symbolism 

3. Key Quotes and Analysis 

4. Themes in Literature - Censorship 

5. Themes in Literature - Technological Dependance 

6. Themes in Literature - Atomic Anxiety 

Read the book and all supplementary information by Thursday 03/09

Wednesday 03/08

  • Student Jigsaw presentations 
  • Students should finish their reading of F-451 by tomorrow as well as all supplemental aspects of the reading 
  • Begin documentary on North Korea

 Thursday 03/09 

  • Introduce students to select tasks:

1. How is the Media presented in the Novel / Provide specific examples and DTE 

2. How does to analogy of the Phoenix fit into this story? 

3. Students teach Coda

4. Students teach Interview 

Friday 03/10

  • Essay Exam Prep 

Monday 03/13 

  • Continue deconstruction of prompts 
  • prepare for in-class essay exam tomorrow

Tuesday 03/14 - Wednesday 03/15

  • In Class Essay Exam F-451 
  • Please bring your books and notes tomorrow so that you can effectively prepare your select lesson 

Thursday 03/16 

Students prepare select lesson to teach to an audience of their peers on Friday / Tomorrow: 

  • 1. How is the Media presented in the Novel / Provide specific examples and DTE / Address how this representation compares to today as well 

    2. What is the analogy of the Phoenix? How does it fit into this story? 

    3. Students teach Coda / Provide an overview with DTE and main points 

    4. Students teach Interview / Provide an overview with main points 


Friday 03/17 

  • Students present lesson 
  • Exam study day - prepare for MC test 


Monday 03/20 

  • F-451 Unit Exam 


Tuesday 03/21-Thursday 03/23

  • View Film : I-Robot
  • Students are encouraged to revise essay and /or unit exam during the course of this week 
  • The last day for conferencing is Friday 03/24 

Friday 03/24 

  • Begin lesson preparation on Ancient Greeks
  • Bring all needed supplies for Monday class       

Monday 03/27 - Tuesday 03/28  

  • Project work days 
  • All lessons ready for presentation on Tuesday April 11th  

Wednesday 03/29

  • Distribute Oedipus packet
  • Reading and analysis of The Great Encounter by Paul Roche 
  • View cartoon film (Oedipus the short version

 Thursday 03/30 - Friday 03/31

  • In-class reading of Oedipus 
  • Select tasks - students take notes 

Monday 04/10  

  • Continue reading in class today 
  • All student lessons due and reading for presentation tomorrow  
  • The only exception is for students preparing food - which we will designate days for

Tuesday 04/11 - Thursday 04-13 

  • Greek Presentations (Scored as Test) 

 Friday 04/14

  • Work with partner on study guide / test prep 
  • Oedipus Unit Exam Thursday April 20th 

Monday 04/17 

  • SBAC Testing / No Class 

Tuesday 04/18 

  • Complete Student presentations in Period 6 
  • Meet with students on Study Guide / Provide guidance and check work 
  • Period 5 students work on writing an abstract in class today 
  • P5 abstracts due tomorrow at class time / graded 

Wednesday 04/ 19 

  • In class review sessions in preparation for Oedipus and Greeks Unit Exam 
  • Unit exam tomorrow / No Notes 

Thursday 04/20 

  • Oedipus / Greeks Unit Exam / No Notes 

Friday 04/21 

  • Present Final Project requirements and handout followed by Q and A period 
  • Check out final trade book (MacBeth) 
  • Meet with students individually to in order to discuss project requirements and choices 

Monday 04/24

  • Ensure all students have taken Oedipus Exam 
  • Pass out basic Macbeth cover sheet 
  • View as much of the 1978 version as possible 
  • Discuss the manifestation of key emerging themes 

Tuesday 04/25 

  • Begin in class reading and analysis 
  • Conduct comprehensive deconstruction and analysis of key parts 
  • Students complete reading of page xiii and ACT 1 as homework for tomorrow 
  • Prepare for initial ACT 1 Quiz 
  • Students are encouraged to listen to audio version (+/- 30:00 minutes online) or view 1978 film as a compliment or aid to their reading 

Wednesday 04/26 

  • Macbeth ACT 1 Quiz 
  • Correct / Grade Quiz in class 

Thursday 04/27 

  • Begin reading of Act II in class 
  • Students finish reading as homework 

Friday 04/28 

  • Act and scene deconstruction with image 
  • Ensure drawing and quote deconstruction is fully prepared by Tuesday May 2nd  
  • All students report directly to the Library for class on Monday for World Literature Project (WLP) research lesson 

Monday 05/01 

  • WLP Prep - Report directly to the library 
  • MacBeth  lines / drawing deconstruction due tomorrow at the beginning of class 

Tuesday 05/02 

  • Macbeth Scene Jigsaw presentations 
  • Begin viewing Macbeth Acts 1 -3 

 Wednesday 05/03 

  • Continue Viewing Film Acts 1-3 

Thursday 05/04 

  • SSR Macbeth 
  • Students should have completed the reading and analysis of Macbeth Act 3 by Monday 05/08 

Friday 05/05

  • All students report directly to library for WLP Research Work 
  • Students should read Macbeth ACT 3 by Monday 05/08 

Monday 05/08 (Lab Hall 1)

  • All students report to Lab / Hall 1 for WLP Workday and Prep 
  • Students should locate and print hard copy PDF versions of short stories, articles, and poems 
  • ACT 3 of Macbeth should also be read by class tomorrow 
  • ACT  3 Macbeth quiz and discussion tomorrow 

Tuesday 05/09 (P7)

  • Macbeth ACT 3 Quiz and discussion 

Wednesday 05/10 (P7)

  • SSR day / Students read ACT 4 in Macbeth by Tomorrow 

Thursday 05/11 (P7)

  • Quiz and discussion on Macbeth Act 4  

Friday 05/12 (P7) 

  • Read journal article on Macbeth in class 
  • Students annotate article for Tone / Mood, Thesis, and Prime DTE 
  • Distribute example citations and abstracts  on article and F-451
  • Students complete reading of Macbeth Act 5 and Susan Snyder's A Modern Perspective on pages 197-207 in primary text book by Wednesday 05/16 
  • Students report directly to Lab / Hall 1 for class on Monday 

Monday 05/15 (Lab Hall 1) 

  • WLP Workday in Lab Hall 1 
  • Students should print hard copy:  Short Stories / Articles / and Poems 
  • Students should also obtain all WLP texts and resources by Thursday May 18th 

Tuesday 05/16 (P7)

  • Final Macbeth SSR Day 

Wednesday 05/17 (P7)

  • Final Macbeth ACT 5 Quiz and discussion 
  • Conduct Literary review of Macbeth,  A Modern Perspective, and Gender Article 

Thursday 05/18 (P7)

  • Macbeth Exam 

Friday 05/19 (Library) 

  • All sections report to the Library for a WLP Work Day 
  • Begin document interviews and grading  
  • All students should bring their resources to the library for resources interview and grading 

Monday 05/22 (P7) 

  •  Continue document interviews and grading of resource attainment  
  • WLP SSR and Annotation (Note Taking) work day 

Tuesday 05/23 (Lab Hall 1) 

  • All sections report to Lab / Hall 1 for WLP workday 
  • Students are encouraged to work on annotations and citations on this day 
  • Students may also choose to print hard copies of short stories, poems, articles, and other materials  

Wednesday 05/24 - Thursday 05/25 (P7) 

  • WLP Workdays
  • Computer Cart Provided  

Friday 05/26 (Library)

  • WLP Workday / Stundet Teacher Progress Conferencing 

Tuesday 05/30 - Friday 06/02 (P7)

  • WLP Workday 
  • Computer Carts Provided 
  • Students should have all 10 citations and abstracts completed and prepared for initial inspection by the end of this week

Monday 06/05 - (P7)  

  • Revision and Printing of Work / All remaining sources should be printed 

Tuesday 06/06 - Wednesday 06/07  (P7) 

  • WLP Workdays 
  • Computer Cart Provided 
  • Final revisions to Annotated Bibliography should be applied 
  • Work on Presentation Outline (due - printed and ready by  Monday 06/12)

Thursday 06/08 (Lab / Hall 3) 

  • WLP Workday 
  • Print Final Annotated Bibliography and Presentation Outline 
  • Consider turning in early if complete 

Friday 06/09 (Library) 

*WLP Workday 

Please Note: I will be in my classroom Friday afternoon during "Slamfest" and will be fully available to provide guidance on final project preparation. Computers will be provided but printing capabilities will not. Come see me if you need help with any aspect of the project!         

Monday 06/12 (All classes will be held in P7 for the remainder of the school year) 

  • Presentation outline due today 
  • Meet with students to discuss presentation organization / provide guidance 
  • WLP Work day 
  • Computer Carts Provided 
  • Students should finalize presentation 

Tuesday 06/13 

  • Finalize all aspects of project 
  • Everything is due tomorrow 

Wednesday 06/14 - Tuesday 06/20 / Finals

  • Typed and printed Final Annotated Bibliography due / Submit Annotated Bibliography on Turnitin.com 

Class ID: 15511656

Enrollment Key: bach 

  • Final presentations