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Skip Fabritius - Business Department






sfabritius@osd.wednet.edu - please take advantage of getting in touch with me . . .it means a lot to have students and parents who are active


Period 3, 5, 6
Accounting - All students work can be found on http:\\www.aplia.com


You think a job as an accountant would be boring? That‘s what everybody says. Well, they‘re wrong! The profession has changed. Do you have an interest in business, marketing, finance? Does starting your own business appeal to you? How about a starting wage of $50,000 with a four-year degree? Come see how logic and basic math skills are used to track the information for a business to help it become truly successful. Did I mention five college credits if you get a B?



Period 2
Advanced Accounting

A boring profession? I beg to differ! This class is designed for a college bound student who has a desire to become a leader in the business community. If you are logical and have an interest in being challenged without a lot of outside class work this class could be for you. This class is a requirement at every college if you are intending to major in any business related field.



 Period 4

Advanced Marketing

Career Cruising

Used by the counseling center to help guide students through the process of planning a career


CTE - Professionalism Survey

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