Letter of Recommendation

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Private college and universities will often request letters of recommendation from teachers and/or Secondary School Report forms from high school counselors. It is the student's responsibility to organize these requests and get them to counselors and teachers in a timely manner.

Bring college paperwork to the Counseling Center for the counselor at least 2-3weeks before the college deadline. Also attach the Counseling Center form "Letter of Recommendation Form" completely filled out. Counselors have numerous recommendations to write during the fall season, so allow plenty of time for the counselor and registrar to complete the form. Letters of recommendation should be completed PRIOR to December 1st -with requests made two weeks prior.

If colleges request letters of recommendation from teachers, print the form, attach a stamped addressed envelope for each letter needed and give to the teacher at least 2 weeks before the deadline. For the teacher's use, the student should give or email a copy of the green "Letter of Recommendation Form" as well.  Teachers also write letters for multiple students, so please be considerate of their time.