College & Career Plan

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Scholarship Information

Career Assessment Tests 

College and Scholarship Checklist by Grade

Freshman and their parents:

Click here for a link to the College Success Foundation Set Your Course Foundation 

Sophomore and their parents:

Click here for a link to the College Success Foundation Set Your Course Foundation 

Juniors and their parents:

Click here for a link to the College Success Foundation Set Your Course Foundation

Counselors will be meeting with the junior English classes to continue the Career Cruising College and Career readiness curriculum and talk about the timeline for their junior and senior years.  These presentations are scheduled three times throughout the school year. 



_____ Do a career interest inventory

_____ Make a list of important factors

_____ Research colleges online

_____ Make a list of prospective colleges


_____ Take the PSAT/NMSQT in mid-October

_____ Make a list of entrance requirements


_____ Schedule time to meet with counselor for credit check and planning classes for senior year

_____ Make a college visit during breaks

_____ Take the SAT and/or ACT in May or June

_____ Take SAT II if required by college you plan to apply

_____ Start preparing portfolio, audition materials, writing samples, or other evidence of talent

_____ Request information from colleges by setting up college admissions email account; (Be sure to use an email address that is appropriate and mature, not one that an admissions officer would view as silly or inappropriate.)

_____Attend nearby College Fairs in the Spring to help them choose Colleges that are right for them. 


By the first week of October, counselors will meet with seniors in each Senior Social Studies class to share information about the college application process, including information about application deadlines, counselor and teacher letters of recommendation, financial aid and tracking forms. Seniors who are enrolled in Running Start Social Studies classes might benefit from this information. Parents will find the College Planning Workshop helpful as well.

Letter of Recommendation Form

Click here for a link to the College Success Foundation Set Your Course Foundation



_____ Review plans with counselor or career specialist

_____ Create Activity Log or College Resume

_____ Write college essay

_____ Register to take SAT or ACT if needed

_____ Finalize portfolio, audition materials, or writing samples

_____  Create an application spreadsheet to help track document deadlines


_____ Complete FAFSA for financial aid (

_____ Complete personal statement/essay for application

_____ Complete applications online

_____ Ask counselor for letter of recommendation if needed

_____ Ask teachers for letter of recommendation if needed

_____ Request transcript be sent to colleges

_____ Meet all deadlines on time


_____ Complete FAFSA for financial aid (

_____ Research scholarships and apply (OHS Senior Notes each month)

_____ Research scholarships at college and from trusted websites



_____ Wait for acceptance and offers

_____ Review award letters and weigh your options

_____ Notify colleges of your final decision

_____ Send deposit to college


_____ Request final transcript be sent to college (form in Senior Notes)



Olympia High School has open access to Honors Classes staring in 9th grade.  These classes cover the same academic material as regular classes, but are more in depth and typically faster paced.  Generally, they are not the equivalent of college-level work and do not earn college credit.  However, taking Honors courses show colleges that students are willing to take the academic challenge.


Olympia High School has open access to AP Classes, but students often must be prepared in prerequisites These courses prepare students to take rigorous nationally administered exams in May that can lead to college credit and/or placement. 


Factors to consider when searching for colleges include:

Programs of study or major

School size

Class size



Support programs

Campus culture

Distance from home

Extracurricular activities


Religious affiliation


Financial Aid options

Outside learning options/Study abroad program

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