Olympia Scholar Program

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Click here for the Class of 2017 AP Olympia Scholar verification application    

Click here to view the requirements for the Class of 2018 AP Olympia Scholar requirements.

Click here to view the requirements for the Class of 2019 AP Olympia Scholar requirements.

**Turn in this completed form to Mrs. Violette’s mailbox in the main office BY THURSDAY, MAY 18, 2017, BEFORE 7:45 A.M.**

Who qualifies for the Olympia Scholar Award? 

Olympia High School's most prestigious award–the Olympia Scholar Award–recognizes those graduating seniors who successfully completed a rigorous academic course of study throughout high school while also participating in a variety of extra-curricular activities.  These high-achieving and well-rounded students are honored at graduation for their commitment to excellence in and out of the classroom.


1. Total credits required:  22  

2. Cumulative GPA: 3.5 (through 7th semester) (no failures junior/senior year)

3. Course Requirements:

            Subject                       Number of Years

            English                        4

            Social Studies              3

            Science                       3 (two credits must be in biology, chemistry, or physics)

            Mathematics                3 

            Foreign Language         2 (must be the same language)

            Liberal Arts                 1 (art, music, drama)

 A minimum of 8 credits must be earned from the following list, including at least 5 completed courses with the AP designation; a minimum of 2 Honors or AP credits required in Math, English, Science, and Social Studies.     

             Math:  (2 credits)                                   English:   (2 credits)                            Science:  (2 credits)

            Honors Algebra 2                                 Honors English 9                                 Honors Biology

            Pre-Calculus                                       Honors English 10                               Honors Chemistry

            AP Calculus AB                                    AP English 11                                      Honors Physics (1 and/or C)

            AP Calculus BC                                    AP English 12                                      AP Biology

            AP Statistics                                                                                                   AP Chemistry

            AP Computer Science                         Social Studies:  (2 credits)                      AP Physics

                                                                      AP World History                                 AP Environmental Sci

            Spanish:                                           AP U.S. History                                    Hum Ant SPMD 2                               

            AP Spanish                                          AP Macroeconomics (.5)                        Advanced Human Anatomy                             

            Art:                                                   AP Government (.5)                              Business:

            AP Art                                                AP Psychology  (.5)                               Advanced Accounting


In addition to meeting the academic requirements, students must also participate in extracurricular activities annually throughout their high school career.  Participation in at least two different categories must be demonstrated (e.g., soccer in 9th grade and orchestra in grades 10-12). 

Activities include but are not limited to: 

Band, orchestra, and choir competitions, concerts, and recitals            Art competitions and shows

Dramatic presentations/theater                                                         Technology work or projects

Interscholastic athletic participation                                                   Interscholastic academic team competition

Leadership activities: student government, club leader                        Speech and debate competitions

Science fair projects for competition                                      

Recipients of the Olympia Scholar Award receive:

  • Special consideration for awards and scholarships
  • A certificate of recognition at the June Awards Assembly
  • An Olympia Scholar Medallion to wear at the graduation ceremony
  • Special recognition both in the graduation program and during the commencement ceremony

Questions? Email Mrs. Violette, AP Coordinator at sviolett@osd.wednet.edu.