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Drama Club Work Day Dress Code

Due to safety concerns Technical Director will be enforcing the following dress code for work days:

               *   Good closed toed shoes such as athletic shoes or work boots. Shoes must be worn at all times

               *   Clothes suitable for a day of work – long pants or shorts – no skirts or dresses

               *   A shirt that keeps you covered up while bending, kneeling, and reaching overhead.

               *   Clothes must be well fitting. Nothing overly loose or cumbersome

               *    Remove scarves and jewelry including bracelets and necklaces

               *    Long hair must be tied up, especially while using tools. Hair ties are available in the PAC.

               *   Keep in mind we may be painting – clothes that you don’t mind getting paint on

        Students who don’t meet the dress code will not be permitted to participate until they are suitably dressed for work.


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