Colleges Now Visiting OHS!

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Colleges Now Visiting OHS!

These opportunities are provided for students to meet with someone who has the answers to all your questions about a specific school, post high school education option or career. Always remember to check with your teacher before coming to the Career Center.  These guests pay attention to which students attend their presentation, so it’s always a good idea to come meet the representative if you can.  The calendar is updated often, add the OHS Career Center google calendar to your planner to keep up with the schedule and plan ahead to attend the presentations you are most interested in learning about.  (Boelts/Harper)


Visits are in the Career Center, unless noted.

Lunch visits mean the representative is available to meet both lunches.


October 12 Lunches Army Recruiter

October 16 8:50am Whitman College

9:55am University of Idaho


October 17 7:45am University of Montana

8:50am Seattle Pacific University

9:00am Johns Hopkins University

11:00am University of San Diego

12:30pm Northwest University

1:30pm Gettysburg College   (Pennsylvania)


             October 18 2:00pm                       Museum of Flight


            October 20 12:47pm Saint Martin’s University

October 24 7:45am Montana State University

8:50am Pacific University – Oregon

9:55am Colorado Mesa University

4:00pm Career & College Fair - OHS Commons

*Over 95 registered booths!

October 25 9:37am Macalaster College (Minnesota)

October 26 7:45am Reed College



            November  1 9:37am University of Portland

12:46pm Western Washington University


           November  3 10:35am University of Alabama


           November  7 Lunches Marines (In Commons)



          November  8 12:46pm           Boise State



         November  9 Lunches Army