Four-Year Minimum College Requirements

Many colleges and universities have course requirements beyond the minimums for high school graduation. While college entrance requirements vary from one college to another, a student preparing to enroll in a four-year institution after high school should complete the following: 

4 credits of English

3 credits of math including Algebra II or Integrated Math III

Senior year qualitative math

3 credits of social studies

2 credits of science (including one year of Algebra-based lab science i.e. biology, chemistry or physics)

2 credits of same world language

1 credit of arts

It is highly recommended that students take challenging courses such as honors and Advanced Placement classes, additional electives from two or more of the above core areas, and that they complete a course in computers or keyboarding. Students interested in a career involving math and/or science should plan to complete four years of college preparatory math and science. Counselors can be of assistance in planning a four-year program to meet the needs of inpidual students and their college choices.

For more information on minimum College Admissions Standards at Washington’s Public Four-Year Colleges click Washington Student Achievement Council Updated College Requirements.

Other Programs at Olympia High School that support college preparation and advancement:

Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement (AP), a program developed by the College Board, enables high school students to study college-level material through enrollment in an AP course. Students have the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of the subject by taking an AP exam in May. Based on these AP scores, colleges and universities may then grant credit, placement or both. Students can benefit from these courses by learning a subject in greater depth, developing skills critically important to successful study in college, and demonstrating their willingness to undertake a challenging course. The Olympia Scholar Award is presented to graduating seniors who have taken a challenging course of study throughout high school and have demonstrated excellence in extra-curricular activities. Click here for more information about the Advanced Placement program

Running Start

Running Start is a program that allows eligible juniors and seniors to enroll in college-level classes at South Puget Sound Community College to receive both high school and college credit. In order to qualify for the program, students must comply with all college requirements including placement testing and maintenance of acceptable academic standing. If interested in knowing more about this opportunity, please click here for more information