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Student Led Conferences (SLC)


SLC’s are held in the Spring for all freshmen and are facilitated by students’ 1st period teachers.  This year, SLC's will take place during the six 2-hour late start days that are scheduled in the two weeks after Srping Break (April 14-16 & 21-23).  Registration can be completed online using Skyward Family Access.  Any freshmen who do not get signed up during the online registration period will get help from school staff with scheduling their SLC.

Click here for a worksheet that explains how to register using Family Access.

Click here for a worksheet to help students prepare for their SLC.

Click here for the "Road Map" that teachers use to help students complete their SLC.


1.  Scheduling- Will be done using the "Conference Scheduler" feature on family access SKYWARD.  If you do not have computer access, or experiences difficulty with the process, SLC sign up can be facilitated by the 1st period teacher.  For those signing up for conference times on line, it is done on a "first come first serve basis".  *note, see OHS Counseling homepage for a "Parent Guide" to signing up for SLC's using Skyward Family Access.

2.  Objective- For students to have an opportunity to discuss their academic progress and share their High School & Beyond Plan.  The Portfolio Homepage on the Career Cruising website will provice a guide specific speaking points. To see grade level requirements go to www.careercruising.com and click on “view details” on the Students Portfolio homepage.

3.  Preparation- Students will complete most, if not all, of the High School & Beyond Plan components during visits with counselors in their Health & Fitness (9th) classes.  By April 1st  all  students should have completed 100% of the Career Cruising Portfolio.  The progress indicator bar can be viewed on the Portfolio homepage.  Students should also be able to access their academic and attendance records on Student Access in SKYWARD.  These will also be discussed during the SLC.

4.  The "Conference" format:  scheduled every 30 minutes, includes 5 minutes for introductions, opening and closing remarks, body of presentation to be about 20 minutes, and 5 minutes for guests questions.

Dicussion topics & Focus points-

Part I.  Career Exploration & Planning - consider 3 essential questions. go to: (www.careercruising.com Portfolio Homepage)

  • Who Am I*focus on assessments, interests, skills, learning styles, aptitudes, abilities.
  • What Then Could I Become? (Exploratory) *what career clusters, career selector, see pathways, programs of study, and eventual occupations which are good fit for you?
  • How Do I Become That? (Preparatory) *what are the educational and certification requirements for chosen occupations? What do you need to do to get ready? What’s your plan at this point?    

Part II.  Attendance & Academic review,  Using Skyward Family Access, students will have an opportunity to share their academic progress this year and reflect on what has worked well for them, and what areas they need to work on. Specifically address any questions surrounding grades and attendance, which are seen on the Skyward program.

6.  Be Professional -  The central theme of this conference is about students accepting the ownership of their education and career path.  It is in that atmosphere that this particular conference be entirely led by the student, and that students and guests understand their role.  This is a great opportunity for students to practice basic interviewing skills such as being able to talk about their strengths and skills, as well as future goals!

During the SLC, students assume the lead, make introductions and state the purpose of the conference before discussing their career exploration and academic progress for this year.  Guests can show support by being good listeners, asking clarifying questions and showing encouragement  at appropriate times.  Students should have a plan for how they will move through all the speaking points and be sure to have their Career Cruising Portfolio components completed. Click on links at the topf of this page for helpful SLC preparation worksheets.

7.  Follow-up -  This conference is not designed for interventions, or managing personal crisis.   If areas of concern surface however, it is encouraged that a meeting be scheduled with the student’s assigned counselor at another time.