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9th-11th Grade "Career & College Readiness" Parent Nite

On March 24, 2016, OHS hosted it's first ever "Career & College Readiness Parent Nite for parents/guardians of current freshmen, sophomores and juniors.  The goal of the evening was to inform parents of the many academic options that students have to choose from while attending Olympia High School, and how these options can/should connect to students' career and post-high school interests.  Click here for the schedule and information on the breakout sessions offered that evening.

 Click on the titles below to access the presenations given at our 9th-11th Parent Nite:

10th Grade Timeline

11th Grade Timeline

12th Grade Timeline

504 Plans/IEP Supports in College and OHS (handout and Power Point)

Academic Support & College Prep Options at OHS

Advanced Electives/Career & Tech Ed. (Art, Auto, Early Childhood Ed., Foods, Woods, etc.)

Advanced Electives/Career & Tech Ed. (Business, Marketing, Personal Finance, Technology, etc.)

AP Program & Managing it All

Choosing the Right Post-High School Fit

College Affordability

New Market Skills Center

Running Start (Click link: https://spscc.edu/apply/runningstart)

Science Options at OHS

Testing (PSAT/ACT/SAT) Timelines (Click here for link to an infographic comparing new SAT and ACT)