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Academic Policies

Update policy for New Market Skills Center and OHS for Cross Credit - 11/09


            Commercial Graphic Design 

                        Fine Art: Digital Photography- 1.0 credit 

                        Fine Art: Visual Art- 1.0 credit 

            Environmental Exploration AP 

                        Environmental Science AP- 1.0 

                        Natural Resource Science- 1.0 

            Professional Medical Careers

                        Human Biology/ Anatomy and Physiology- 1.0 credit

                        Health- .50 credit

            Digipen Computer Science AP

                        Math- 1.0 credit

                        Computer Science- 1.0 credit

                        Fine Art: Animation- 1.0 credit

            Construction Trades

                        Math- EOC prep for students who have not yet met standard, or 3rd year Career pathway 1.0 


Olympia High School Course Catalog 2016-2017 

Olympia High School programs are open to all students without regard to race, color, national origin, sex or disability.


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