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Incoming 9th Grade Transition  Information

**Class of 2021**

8th grade Personal Pathway Link:


We are excited to meet you and welcome you to our famOly!  The transition from middle school to high school can be an exciting, yet challenging experience.  Olympia High School (OHS) provides a variety of events to make sure that this transition is as smooth as possible.  In addition to OHS Counselors visiting our feeder middle school's (Reeves & Washington) in the spring, we provide other events for all incoming students and families to attend.  The events below are open to families both in and out of the OHS attendance area planning to attend OHS.  Freshman Orientation is a great opportunity to tour the school and meet other freshman.  Our Bear Crew program meets in large and small groups with freshman to help ease nerves and build community at Freshman Orientation that continues throughout the school year.   

  • April 12th, 2017 "Class of 2021 Welcome Night"                             ...for parents and students

    • 6:00-7:30pm

  • Parents- start in the OHS Performing Arts Center (PAC) for an introduction to OHS and then select three (3) sessions to attend to learn about core curriculum and freshman electives.  Pro tip: Bring a partner to increase attendance from 3 to 6 sessions :-)

  • Students- start in the gym for a Welcome Assembly, then a rotation of Building Tour, Q&A Session, and the Activity Fair to learn more about clubs, athletics, and other activities.  Pro-Tip: don't dress up; wear comfy clothes. 

  • September 1st, 2017 "FRESHMAN ORIENTATION"                        ...for parents and students 

  • 8:00am (sharp!)-Noon 

  • Students to the Gym by 7:45am for spirit assembly

  • Parents can attend spirit assembly from upper deck seating in the gym.  Parents to the Lecture Hall at 9:00am for Q&A with Principal Grant. 

  • ***more details mailed to registered students in August



Parent Involvement.  We look forward to partnering with you to make the transition to high school smooth and fun!  You are the expert on your student and we value your insight and collaboration.  We invite you to call, email, or make an appointment to meet with us anytime you have a question, concern, or good news to share about your student's high school experience.  This is a time of increased student independence, but we encourage you to continue your involvement and connection to your student.  Quick starts for staying linked to our campus include:

  1. Join OHS Parent Connections- http://olympia.osd.wednet.edu/information/parentscommunity/parent_connection/parent_connection
  2. Sign up for Skyward Family Access- http://osd.wednet.edu/about_us/faq/skyward_family_access
  3. Read daily announcements and news posted to the OHS website throughout the year.
  4. Sign up to be a volunteer...all types of opportunities, short or long time commitment, quick online application (http://osd.wednet.edu/community/volunteer ).  


Public School Students who attend our feeder middle schools (Reeves Middle School and Washington Middle School) will receive an OHS Information Packet end of March.  OHS counselors will visit RMS and WMS at the end of March to present students with an overview of the transition to OHS and registration handouts.  This overview will be provided to private school and non-feeder OHS students at the Parent Night.  OHS Counselors return to RMS and WMS at the end of April to help students enter their freshman course requests online.  Classes are not actually scheduled until August, so we will not have schedules until Freshman Orientation in September.  A letter will be mailed to you in late August with more details about student schedules and Freshman Orientation.  

Students (public or private) living in our attendance area and planning to attend OHS can start registering in April.  Please contact your current school's office staff to let them know to send your name/address to Patty West at OHS: pwest@osd.wednet.edu.  OHS counselors should receive lists from the private schools and will directly mail you a registration packet by the end of April.  We hope you will attend our Incoming 9th Grade Parent Information Night!  We ask that only the students who do NOT attend our public feeder schools (WMS & RMS) attend Parent Night.  While parents meet with teachers and learn about our curriculum, OHS counselors will give the same presentation to non-feeder students as received by RMS/WMS students. 

  • Math placement for non-feeder and/or private school students is set for May 31st (NEW Date) at 3:00pm at OHS in room 206. You do not need to sign up or pre-register.  You do not need to take the placement test if your student will be taking the next level of math from what was successfully completed as an 8th grader.  The math placement test is primarily for students who want to accelerate, but are not enrolled and/or earning at least a "B" grade to confidently be promoted to the next level of math.  Students only need to bring a pencil.          

                Please see the math placement progression below:  

    • Completion of Math 8 will be placed in OHS Algebra 
    • Completion of an accredited middle school Algebra (recommend a "B" average as minimum) goes to OHS Geometry
    • Completion of an accredited middle school Geometry (recommend a "B" average as minimum) goes to OHS Algebra 2
    • Completion of an accredited middle school Algebra or Geometry without the minimum grade noted above should plan to repeat the course for improved content knowledge OR take the math placement test to demonstrate mastery of necessary knowledge to be successful at the next level.  


  • Math placement for public school in district students will be determined based on grade earned in 8th grade math course, state assessment scores, and teacher recommendation.  If you are unsure whether you should progress in math or repeat to assure thorough foundation in math skills, consider taking placement test.


  • English placement in Honors English is self selected.  See Freshman Course Offerings document below to review description of classes to determine best fit.  Students who elect to take Honors English need to complete the Honors English Interest Essay (see attachment below in Transition Documents).  The Interest Essay is turned in with the student's other freshman registration paperwork.


  • Foreign language assessment is available on the OHS Foreign Language Department webpage.  The assessment is required for students who are requesting to place into our second year language courses.  Students who are requesting first year language do NOT need to take this assessment.  No further action is needed after taking the online assessment.  The information is sent to the foreign language department and, if the assessment supports placement into second year world language, we will make the schedule change. 

Students (public or private) living outside of the OHS attendance area are welcome to attend OHS transition events, such as the Incoming 9th Grade Parent Information Night and the Activity Fair detailed above.  Please note, out of district students need to call the OHS Administrative Office to add a student's name to the enrollment waiting list starting May 1st.  Please call #596-7048 and ask for Kari Smith to add your student's name to the waiting list.  Decisions will be communicated to you by June and include information regarding how to proceed with registration at that time.

**NOTE: Classes are not scheduled until summer, so students on the waiting list have the same chance of getting their preferred class choices as in district students.   

Transition Documents / Resources: 


 Bear Crossing